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Latest Press Releases

Stop the Clock on Global Poverty

Supporters of ONE gathered in front of a giant-clock outside of the World Bank today as finance ministers from the world’s wealthiest nations met to discuss an historic debt cancellation deal for the world’s poorest countries.

Hollywood and the Heartland Unite for ONE to Make Poverty History

ONE announced today that it has enlisted ABC and MTV Networks in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. The networks will support ONE’s efforts by donating air time for the world premiere of a new public service announcement starring some of the biggest names in music, movies, politics, and religion.

Make Poverty History Launches its Global ‘Click Ad’ Campaign

Bob Geldof and Richard Curtis will address invited guests of the Make Poverty History campaign and officially launch the ‘click ad’ at the Curzon cinema on Thursday, March 31 at 11am.

ONE Receives $3 Million from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Leading political advisors Mark McKinnon and Mike McCurry joined with 11 relief and development agencies that make up ONE to announce a new national effort to mobilize Americans in support of helping fight global AIDS and poverty.

Brad Pitt Returns from Africa

Brad Pitt visited South Africa and Ethiopia early November on a listening and learning mission to find out about AIDS, poverty and hope in Africa.

Jimmy Eat World Launches ONE Campus Outreach at Michigan State University to Fight Global AIDS and Poverty!

On Sept. 4, 2004 ONE and Michigan State University will welcome modern rock act, Jimmy Eat World, at the MSU Auditorium for the official launch of ONE’s campus outreach.

Tom Brady Returns From 8-day Trip to Ghana and Uganda with DATA

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady returned today from a listening and learning trip to Africa organized by DATA (debt AIDS trade Africa),, the African advocacy organization founded by U2’s Bono.