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U.S. and U.K. to Present Africa Proposal at G8 Summit

At a White House press conference, American President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair outlined their proposal for a G8 Africa deal to be delivered at the Africa Summit of the G8 in Scotland, July 6-8

June ONE Launches Countdown to LIVE8 and the Africa Summit of the G8

On June ONE, ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History launched an unprecedented mobilization of Americans calling on President Bush to deliver a historic deal for the world’s poor at the Africa Summit of the G8 in July.

Dave Matthews, ONE and Bob Geldof Announce Live 8: Millions of Lives at Stake as Free Concerts in Philadelphia and Around the World Pressure President Bush and Other World Leaders at the Historic G8 Africa Summit

Tuesday May 31 — Dave Matthews joined Bob Geldof from London to announce that today’s biggest names in music will be joining in a free, simultaneous concert series July 2 to allow citizens of the most powerful nations to call on President Bush and leaders of the other seven wealthiest countries to make poverty history at the historic G8 Summit July 6.

European Union Announces Agreement to Significantly Boost Foreign Assistance to the World’s Poorest People

Tuesday morning, May 24th European Union Development Ministers announced an agreement to increase assistance spending to help the world’s poorest help themselves. Every European country has committed to spend at least 0.51 percent of gross national income (GNI) on aid by 2010 and at least 0.7 percent by 2015 to help the world’s poorest countries meet the Millennium Goals. Many, including the UK and France, are committed to doing even more.

Mayor Greg Nickels Proclaims Seattle a City of ONE

Mayor Greg Nickels has proclaimed Seattle a City of ONE in response to the devastating impact of extreme poverty and global AIDS. By proclamation, Seattle acknowledges that healthy people and healthy communities are the centerpiece of any strong and vibrant society.

Americans Wear White Bands in Support of the Fight Against Global AIDS And Poverty

March 1, 2005 – From the heartland to Hollywood, Americans are wearing White Bands in support of ONE, a coalition of the nation’s leading relief and advocacy groups, to fight global AIDS and poverty.

Brad Pitt and DATA Conclude 3-day Visit to Ethiopia

April 26, 2005 – American actor Brad Pitt has concluded a three-day trip to Ethiopia on behalf of ONE (www.ONE.ORG), the American campaign to fight global AIDS and poverty. Pitt is currently in South Africa on the second leg of his trip to visit groups that fight AIDS and poverty in Africa.

Stop the Clock on Global Poverty

Supporters of ONE gathered in front of a giant-clock outside of the World Bank today as finance ministers from the world’s wealthiest nations met to discuss an historic debt cancellation deal for the world’s poorest countries.

Hollywood and the Heartland Unite for ONE to Make Poverty History

ONE announced today that it has enlisted ABC and MTV Networks in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. The networks will support ONE’s efforts by donating air time for the world premiere of a new public service announcement starring some of the biggest names in music, movies, politics, and religion.

Make Poverty History Launches its Global ‘Click Ad’ Campaign

Bob Geldof and Richard Curtis will address invited guests of the Make Poverty History campaign and officially launch the ‘click ad’ at the Curzon cinema on Thursday, March 31 at 11am.

ONE Receives $3 Million from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Leading political advisors Mark McKinnon and Mike McCurry joined with 11 relief and development agencies that make up ONE to announce a new national effort to mobilize Americans in support of helping fight global AIDS and poverty.

Brad Pitt Returns from Africa

Brad Pitt visited South Africa and Ethiopia early November on a listening and learning mission to find out about AIDS, poverty and hope in Africa.