What We Do

What We Do

We are your megaphone for justice

We speak out for a just and dignified future for everyone. We bring people together. People like you, to amplify our voices and ensure they’re heard by those in power. We demand change from the people who can make it happen and hold them accountable. Together, when we speak as ONE, our voices are heard.

Our mission

ONE fights for a more just world by demanding the investments needed to create economic opportunities and healthier lives in Africa. We envision a world where Africa is an equal player and people across Africa have access to abundant economic opportunities and lead thriving, healthy lives. We empower all people to use their voices to build a more just world, because none of us are equal until all of us are equal. 

Our model for change

 We empower citizens: the petitioners, protestors, and mobilisers who remain persistent, even in the face of resistance. We bring ONE’s campaigning expertise and decades of experience creating real, meaningful change, and we provide a megaphone to the world’s passionate advocates. Together, we relentlessly and effectively demand change from the people with the power who can make it happen.

Our impact

We make sure the ideas, policies, and funding that can create a more just world are heard loud and clear, and cannot be ignored. In a divisive world, we bring people together and unite them around a common mission, and together we persuade those in power to act. And we’re in it for the long haul. Over the years, we have fought for better laws, pushed for global cooperation, and secured billions of dollars for the world’s most pressing problems. The impact? A world where more people have the opportunities, the rights, the healthcare, the education, the equality that everyone, everywhere deserves.

The issues

Poverty, inequality, climate change, and disease are symptoms of injustice that need to change. To create a fairer world, we know what needs to change, and we pursue informed solutions to the underlying causes and consequences of injustice. Medical advances, high-quality education and jobs, gender equality, and a safe place to live should not be a privilege based on where you live. Everyone, everywhere has a right to a fair and dignified life of opportunity.

Research, data, policy

Our power to create change doesn’t come from one place. It’s the joint effort of our supporters around the world and meticulous policy researchers. Our work is backed up by facts, data, and hard evidence that’s impossible for those in power to ignore. When we advocate for change, we bring the numbers and insights that show what we can achieve when we are laser-focused on results and act in pursuit of justice.