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Make Poverty History Launches its Global ‘Click Ad’ Campaign

WASHINGTON – Bob Geldof and Richard Curtis will address invited guests of the Make Poverty History campaign and officially launch the ‘click ad’ at the Curzon cinema on Thursday, March 31 at 11am. The event will also be attended by Big Brother presenter, Davina McCall, who appears in the UK version of the click ad and is a strong supporter of the Make Poverty History campaign.

Other artists attending will be McFly, Beverly Knight, Razorlight, Rachel Stevens, Kimberley and Cheryl (Girls Aloud), Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), and Steve Hogarth (Marillion).

Make Poverty History can also announce that just before 8pm on the same day (Thursday, 31 March), the ‘click ad’ will be screened on nearly all the commercial and digital channels simultaneously. This is the first time an awareness campaign advert will be screened at prime time in donated space on commercial channels including ITV1, 2, 3, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, Cartoon Network, Sci-fi channel, Scottish TV, Viacom and digital channels.

There is also a radio version of the ‘click ad’ recorded by Liam Neeson for the Make Poverty History campaign which will be broadcast on almost all the commercial radio stations on 4 April.

So what is the ‘click ad’?

The ‘click ad’ brings together a number of instantly recognisable celebrities from Brad Pitt to Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth to Emma Thompson, Bob Geldof and Bono to Davina McCall, Kylie to P Diddy (to name but a few) who, very simply, click their fingers one after the other. Each click symbolizes the death of a child. Across the developing world, one child dies every three seconds from extreme poverty.

With German, Canadian, French, African, and Indian versions being developed by campaigners across the world, the Make Poverty History campaign is building mass public support to challenge both the UK and other G8 governments to drop the debt, make trade just and give more and better aid to developing countries.

Over the coming months, millions of people will see and hear the ‘click ad’ and be inspired to join the campaign. The organizers are planning to use the millions of pounds worth of donated ad space on an exciting print, TV, radio and cinema campaign.

Every Gig is Live Aid

In addition, the music industry has joined forces to support the Make Poverty History campaign. With the backing of Bob Geldof, Make Poverty History will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Live Aid by making Every Gig a Live Aid. From Keane to Kylie, on stages from London to LA, touring bands will dedicate a few minutes of their show to Make Poverty History and motivate fans to join the global campaign.

Thus far, artists as diverse as U2, Keane, Kylie, Snow Patrol, Futureheads, Simply Red, Paul Oakenfold, Spiritualized, Razorlight, Girls Aloud, McFly, Lemar, Beverley Knight, Damon Albarn, Block Party and Athlete have pledged their support, while the V, Glastonbury and Isle of White Festivals have also signed up for the campaign. With the music industry so behind the Make Poverty History campaign watch this space, as many more artists are signing on by the day.

20 years after Live Aid so successfully raised millions and drew global attention to Africa’s poor, 1 in 5 of the world’s population still survives on less than US $1 a day. With this click ad and the united support of the music industry, Make Poverty History hopes to make Every Gig Live Aid, but this time round seeking justice for the world’s poor – not charity.

Make Poverty History’s click ad will be screened at concerts and appear in exciting advertising and online campaigns the world over, and will inspire members of the public to join the campaign, email or text their leader a message of their own, demanding action in the fight to end global poverty.

Notes to Editors: For more information about MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY, visit www.makepovertyhistory.org MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY is a growing coalition of more than 300 aid agencies, faith groups, unions and other organizations in partnership with the Global Call to Action Against Poverty.

1. The campaign was launched on 1 January 2005 and will run until the end of the year.
2. The global symbol is a simple white band.
3. 2005 is particularly important as the UK hosts the G8 meeting of powerful countries from 6-8 July and in the same month takes on the presidency of the European Union. MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY challenges the government on trade justice, debt cancellation and more and better aid in order to eradicate global poverty.
4. People can support the campaign by signing up at www.makepovertyhistory.org and • by wearing a white band • by sending an email, postcard or text to Tony Blair urging him to agree to our demands • by joining the Make Poverty History G8 Rally in Edinburgh on July 2

Please visit the website for copies of our ‘Make History’ report on global poverty; for a full list of coalition members; and for details of our key challenges to government.

White bands are also available at Oxfam shops or by phone from Save The Children on 0207 012 6400, Action Aid on 01460 238027 or Christian Aid on 08700 787 788