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How ONE Champions are driving inclusive social impact


In wake of the 2022 International Youth Day theme, “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages,” ONE Champions in Nigeria share how they are using their initiatives and advocacy skills to bring together and create change for all generations to achieve sustainable development. Keep reading to discover their impact stories. 


Olayemi Amusile, Delta

Olayemi sees social action as a responsibility that inspires her to seek mentorship from older generations while sharing her knowledge and guidance with younger generations. 

As a young person bridging the gap intergenerationally, she has learnt from teachers, mentors, and counselors from diverse age ranges professionally and socially. She gives back by mentoring younger people through social media and practical training on personal development, especially volunteering, where they learn how to be key drivers of change in the society.

She also founded a drug abuse prevention initiative, DrugSolution (DrugS), where she provides children, parents, and communities with practical strategies to end drug abuse as a means to reduce the chances of preventable diseases by 2030. 

Owing to her interest in writing and research, she has co-authored research papers relating to HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, period poverty, and tobacco harm reduction in partnership with people of different generations. Olayemi believes these cross-generational collaborations will foster sustainable development while ensuring everyone does their part to create a better world.


Titilayo Jaiyesimi, Lagos

As a community mobilizer, Titilayo leverages social media advocacy to champion  Sustainable Development Goals 1-4 (No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, and Quality Education). In June 2021, she co-founded the Bright’s Children Foundation to help children in need by providing all the necessary materials and resources to help facilitate their learning process in school. This also helps bridge intergenerational gaps by creating a community where there is an equal opportunity for all.

She is a passionate changemaker who coordinates and collaborates with others in the area of good health and wellbeing. She does so by acting on environmental protection habits through rural community clean-ups, and encouraging resource sharing through relief materials and donations to the underserved communities. Titilayo also encourages the practice of sustainable lifestyles through education on the importance of medical checkups (testing for diabetes, sugar level checks, and blood pressure checks) for all ages in order for them to lead a quality life of opportunity.


Victor Elemchukwu, Rivers

Even though Victor is a member of a younger generation, he has always sought to leverage his potential and skills to bridge intergenerational gaps and create an African society that works for all.

Through the Elemchukwu Victor Foundation (EVF), a youth-led non-profit organization supporting the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals, he has reduced the number of out-of-school young people in Nigeria by leveraging educational advocacy and as well supported underprivileged, vulnerable kids to achieve quality education and healthcare.

In June 2022, during the 48th G7 summit held in Germany, alongside other ONE activists, he used his voice as an advocacy and activism tool to raise awareness on important issues affecting the lives and livelihoods of people in Africa. These issues range from hunger, the special drawing rights pledge for Africa’s pandemic recovery, climate change, and vaccine equity. He urged the G7 to take action and rewrite the future by acting on these issues and more, which was highlighted in a short message. 

Victor recently led ONE supporters in Rivers state to convene an event to celebrate  International Youth Day 2022. The event brought together youth groups, the media, and key stakeholders in the development sector across the state to discuss various issues affecting youths and offer insightful solutions. At the event, he also encouraged them to sign the #JobsNowAfrica Charter and join ONE’s other social advocacy campaigns.

In wake of International Youth Day, Victor is strengthening his commitment to more advocacy actions that are needed to ensure a safer and more equitable world. He believes no one should be left behind, for no generation is safe until all generations are safe. 

Support our call for intergenerational solidarity with young people in Africa who are #LockedOUT of the job market by signing the People’s CALL TO ACTION today.