ONE Champions


ONE Champions

ONE Champions are vibrant, committed group of volunteers who work to support ONE Africa’s advocacy work. The Champions lobby decision makers, support with recruiting and managing members in their clusters, support media advocacy efforts, and mobilize public support for ONE issues.

ONE Champions testimonials

Sipasi Olalekan Ayodele

What else can I say of an organization so keen about the development of her volunteers? The G20 needed a youth in Sustainable / Climate Smart Agriculture from ONE to join other G20 youths in drafting the Berlin Charter – without compromise or cheat, ONE selected me, worked her fingers to the bone to make sure I had a smooth stay in Germany while I reciprocated by giving her the best on the Global Stage. Thank you for being an integral part of my success – I won’t forget this in a long time.

Benedicta Uweru

In a world where most people put themselves first, volunteering with ONE gave me the opportunity to continually put others first. It has been a beautiful journey. One full of learning, unlearning and relearning. ONE has given me not only an expression to my inner voice of change but a platform; an international support and network. I tried new things that introduced me to new career path and made me a better team player. I learnt from proposal & report writing to delivering top notch presentations just to mention a few. ONE is a dream come true and a means to endless possibilities.

Philip Oluwayemi

ONE built my capacity in Advocacy, Campaign, and Civic Leadership. I am among the team of Champs planning and/or implementing campaigns in Ibadan. Recently, I was privileged to attend #AYGC 2017; the experience gained at the Conference will forever be useful to me. Thanks to ONE.

Temitope Awelewa

Volunteering for ONE has given me the opportunity to be an active part of Great individuals that are saving lives and ensuring a better society. It’s been a fulfilling ride for me so far. I’m grateful for this great privilege and I want to do more.

Wadi Ben-Hirki

Being a ONE Champion has been a life-transforming experience! ONE has made me realize that a life well lived is that which is lived to positively impact the lives of people; through volunteering, advocating and supporting among others. ONE has opened so many doors of growth and opportunities for me. I have come in contact with other exceptional and passionate youths through this great Organization. ONE has taught me that one’s actions should do the talking and I am really grateful for this lesson because I now live my life with that consciousness.

Imo Chinasa Ude

Growing up as a girl-child from the eastern part of Nigeria, already placed me in a difficult position not to have a voice, coupled with the norms and economic challenge of educating a girl child. Also when I look around me I see things go bad especially in the health sector, the level of neglect was just too appalling especially in rural areas. Volunteering for ONE gave me that platform to work with other like-minded individuals in the fight to reducing the problems that kept people in perpetual poverty

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