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How ONE Activists made their voices heard in the fight for climate justice

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Stephanny Ulivieri is a ONE Activist from Italy, and Juliet Nwobodo is a ONE Activist from Nigeria. 

Climate change is not just a distant, future threat; it is an urgent reality affecting millions, especially in Africa. Africa is at the forefront of the fight, battling the devastating impacts of climate change despite contributing the least to the problem. Earlier this year, the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, was a massive call to action, echoing the need for immediate global action to fight for climate justice. 

ONE Activists Stephanny Ulivieri and Juliet Nwobodo, had the opportunity to attend the summit and make their voices heard.

Keep reading to find out what happened. 

Stephanny’s experienced  unity, collaboration, and global solidarity 

Participating as a ONE Youth Ambassador for Italy at the Africa Climate Week in Nairobi was more than just an event – it was an awakening. From collaborating with young leaders from across Africa, to realizing that our collective effort is the only solution to this borderless crisis, the summit was eye opening. The discussions during the event stressed the gravity of the climate crisis, stressing the need for an inclusive and just approach to fighting it.

Stephanny Ulivieri ONE Activist

From listening to others share how climate change has impacted their lives, to witnessing the local innovative initiatives, which range from sustainable agriculture to renewable energy projects, was a testament to the fact that Africa has the solutions to the climate crisis. These narratives reinforced the urgent need for a local and global approach to combat climate change. With a renewed vigor and purpose, I returned home, vowing to champion the cause of climate action in every way possible.

Juliet’s experienced a deep dive in to grassroots movements and policy action 

I started my climate justice advocacy journey last year, but  I had never fathomed the sheer scale and depth of the issue. Participating in the events of the Africa Climate Youth Assembly and Africa Climate Summit showcased a plethora of grassroots initiatives that focused on everything from transformative solutions to holding leaders accountable.

Juliet Nwobodo

The Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi provided a shared platform for global advocates to congregate, deliberate, and draw out actionable strategies. It also underscored the importance of unity, collaboration, and immediate action.

The discourse during the summit, which included President Williams Ruto of Kenya and Akin Adesina, the president of the African Development Bank, illuminated the disproportionate impact of climate change on Africa. 

As a ONE delegate, sessions I attended ranged from exploring the connection between nature and finance to understanding the impact of climate change on the youth. I was also entrusted with the responsibility of capturing the voices of young climate activists through interviews, diving deep into local climate challenges and possible solutions.

As the discussions from the Africa Climate Week 2023 came to an end, it’s important to remember that the charge to lead the climate justice journey begins within our communities. 

Stephanny and Juliet’s experience at the summit showcased Africa’s potential to be a driver of climate solutions, not just for itself but for the whole world. It also reminds us of the urgent need for global cooperation, a reformed global financing system, and the critical role that Africa’s youth plays in fighting for climate justice.

Africa has the resources and solutions to the world’s problems on climate change. Will the world listen? Add your voice to our call demanding change!

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