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ONE Activists are demanding climate justice at the 2023 Africa Climate Summit


The 2023 Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, Kenya is more than just a gathering. Spearheaded by Kenya‘s president, William Ruto,the summit is a gathering of world leaders and private sector leaders to address the growing vulnerability to climate change and challenges impacting over 150 million people across Africa.

African countries are susceptible to climate change. It is home to 10 of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world, and has experienced its 152nd drought since 2000, despite accounting for about 4% of global carbon emissions.

But Africa also has the renewable resources, tools, and talent that can help it be at the vanguard of efforts to tackle climate change, poverty, and inequality everywhere. But African countries are being blocked by an outdated and unfair global financial system that is denying them access to the affordable finance needed to unleash this potential. 

This is why ONE activists will be at the Africa Climate summit to meet with world leaders to demand fair and affordable investment to enable these countries develop African solutions that will improve the lives of their people and protect the planet.

Here‘s a closer look at how they‘ll be taking action at the Africa Climate Summit. 


Who will be on the ground

Our activists will include Juliet Nwobodo from Nigeria, who brings African narratives into the forefront of the climate justice conversation. Moses Gichuho from Kenya, brings forth his wealth of advocacy on leadership, good governance, and peace. And then there‘s Christopher Arunga from Kenya, whose tireless commitment has empowered Kenya’s youth and championed the fight against poverty and preventable diseases.

Together, Juliet, Moses, and Chris will represent ONE Activists urging the leaders of wealthier nations to recognize and rectify their role in escalating global warming. Their call to action? A decisive financial commitment from these nations that would empower Africa to adapt, innovate, and spearhead green solutions for the globe.


You can be part of the solution

The Africa Climate Summit presents an incredible opportunity to amplify the demands for climate justice. Our ONE Activists will be on the ground, pushing for global commitments that matter. Stand with them, with us, and with the millions affected by climate change. Add your voice to our petition and let’s make an impact together!