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Accountability Music Awards: We have a winner!


Earlier this year, we asked our audiences across Africa to nominate their favorite artist whose music is making strides in the fight against corruption in Africa for the 2021 Accountability Music Awards. After receiving 35 nominations, five African artists were nominated and over 10,000 votes were cast to decide the winner of this prestigious award.

Our audiences have voted and we are pleased to announce Winky D as the winner of the 2021 Accountability Music Awards for his song “Njema!” “Njema” encourages people to free themselves from scenarios that will delay progress.

“I wrote this project not to merely amuse the audience but to extend the thought power around the purpose of music in a society,” he shared.“Music is always best when it is driven by experience rather than hear say or imagination.”

Here’s more about Winky D.

About Winky D

Wallace “Winky D” Chirumiko is a Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall artist popularly known as The Big Man. His love for reggae music started at a very young age. As a teenager, he competed with other artists at the Ghetto Lane Clashes, where he gained popularity and the name Winky D from his fans.

Considered a Zimbabwean dancehall pioneer, Winky D has released 11 albums featuring many top chart hits, such as “Rasta,” “Head Inna War,” and others. He’s worked with musicians including Jamaican dancehall legend Beenie Man, and has performed alongside artists like Black Coffee and Kay Mack. In 2020, he was named Best Dancehall Artist at the African Entertainment Awards United States of America (AEAUSA), and in 2021, he won an award for Best African Dancehall Entertainer at the 2021 International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA).

Now, he’s closing out 2021 as the winner of the Accountability Music Awards! He’s following in the footsteps of previous winners, like Lagos-based musician and 2019 winner Chioma “Cill” Ogbonna, as his music continues to further the fight against corruption in Africa.

About the Award

Music has always been a powerful tool for inspiring change and an essential way of addressing these concerns and getting citizens involved in anti-corruption reform. That’s why ONE in Africa, the Accountability Lab, and the African Union came together to create the Accountability Music Awards. 

The Accountability Music Awards are designed to recognize courageous African musicians and artists who are challenging corruption on the continent. These artists and musicians consistently use their music to spotlight the negative impacts that corruption and a lack of transparent and accountable government institutions have on our communities.