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One welcomes ‘Marshall plan with Africa’ but warns against the implementation crisis on the continent

The release of the new “Marshall Plan with Africa” by the German development ministry  heralds a new   era that could redefine new Africa-EU relations, says ONE Africa (interim) Executive Director, Nachilala Nkombo.

As ONE Africa, we welcome this plan, anchored on the African aspirations and priorities set out in the African Union’s long-term plan called Agenda 2063. The new “Marshall Plan” acknowledges the need for Africa and the world to prepare to meet head-on the needs of Africa’s large youth population. If well incorporated in the G20- and EU-processs, The Marshall Plan’s focus on African youth education, entrepreneurship and employment creation efforts could   be a game changer  –  particularly in fragile African  states. However, success of any new initiative in Africa requires an end to the implementation crisis on the continent.  For this plan to impact African development, African governments must take charge and commit to ending the implementation crisis and systemic corruption. On the side of Germany and partners, this effort should accelerate the implementation of existing SDG type national level plans in Africa.

Social investments to address social issues and to stimulate long-term growth must also get equal attention.  Its good news for Africa to see Germany lead the call to eliminate illicit financial flows out of Africa – money that could immediately be used to fund education, health infrastructure and investments in women and girls on the continent.  Further, a commitment to a commitment to EU transparency directives would help translate this expression of intent in a way that is practically beneficial to Africa’s citizens.

For this plan to ultimately succeed a live accountability framework to monitor implementation of these commitments is will determine whether or not this initiative will have an impact.  The outcomes of the July 2017 African Union Heads of State and government summit  and the German G20 summit this year could secure this type of framework.

Here you can download the Marshall Plan with Africa report