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Citizens call on government to criminalise sexual violence in Senegal

Dakar, Senegal – With ongoing public outcry in Senegal which has been sparked by a series of tragic rapes and murders of young women, has led citizens from all walks of life appealing to the country’s government to set a law to criminalise rape.

Poverty is Sexist socially, economically, legally – girls and women are the hardest hit by poverty and inequality. The United Nations has recognised that eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls is a key pillar of Sustainable Development Goal 5.

Currently, rape is considered a minor offence under Senegalese law. Advocacy and campaigning organisation, ONE in partnership with local artist and campaigner Black Queen and citizens, have come together to call on the Senegalese people to turn outrage into action by signing an online petition signing an online petition calling on the Senegalese government to criminalise rape and protect victims of gender-based violence.

ONE in Francophone West Africa Director Ms. Oulie Keita said:

We applaud President Macky Sall‘s leadership in instructing the minister of Justice to draft a law proposal which would criminalise the act of rape in Senegal. However, we also encourage citizens to mobilize and demand the government to implement laws and policies to prevent sexual and gender-based violence, and ensure victims have access to justice.”

“If this legislation is not passed, we are likely to see more gender-based violence; therefore citizens must call on the government to not only create the law criminalizing rape but for gender-based violence laws to be implemented effectively.”

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