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Here’s how to use your democratic power for good


Changing the world may seem like an impossible task. Though it may seem a big goal, the truth is that all change starts at home. If you’re passionate about ending extreme poverty, there are actions you can take in your everyday life to make a difference. By using your democratic power, you can create a domino effect that can lead to lasting impact on the world.

Here are five ways you can participate in democracy and create change in the world:

1. Vote

The power to choose who represents us is a choice that can change the world. From local government, to state, all the way up to federal, who we vote for has lasting effects. Our elected officials have a lot of power – but we’re the ones that give it to them, so exercise that power at the polls whenever you have the opportunity!

2. Contact your representatives

Your democratic power doesn’t stop at the voting booth. After elected officials take office, keep in touch with them. Make sure your representatives know what their constituents want and encourage them to stick to their promises.

If you’re wondering how to contact your representative, here’s a quick guide:

3. Work within your community

No matter where you live, you can participate in your community. Town hall meetings, school boards, and local political programs are just a few ways you can advocate on a local level. Encourage the people around you to get involved, too. As more people get mobilized within a community, bigger changes will happen!

4. Stay informed

There’s lots of news out there, and sometimes it can be hard to find out what information is accurate. If you’re unsure what to believe, do your research and seek out sources you can trust. The more information you have, the better equipped you are to participate in democracy.

5. Stand up for your beliefs

You have the power to take action, in lots of different ways! Whenever an opportunity comes along for you to support what you believe in, stand up and raise your voice. If you’re looking for a good first step in taking a stand, you can become a ONE member and support the fight to end extreme poverty.

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