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YOUR birthday messages to Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull


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Today is the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s birthday.

As he’s fairly new in the job, we thought this would be a good opportunity to wish him a great day, but also send him a very important message.

Australian aid has helped achieve amazing things – like cutting extreme poverty in half in the last 25 years.  But rather like the cake we hope Malcolm is enjoying today, it’s recently been cut. A lot. 

In fact by next year, Australia could be spending just 0.22% of its national income on helping the world’s poorest.  That’s the lowest it has EVER been.  Not good, Australia. And our ONE members down under agree.

So they’ve been sending birthday cards – more than 400! – to their Prime Minister urging him to reverse these cuts and give us all something to celebrate.

Here’s just some of our favourite messages:

All children deserve the opportunities to make the most of their potential. Australian aid helps that happen across the world where help is needed. Give a little to get a lot. Kind regards, Marianne.

Birthdays are best when shared. An increased overseas aid budget will do Australia a great deal of good too. Jim

Congratulations & Happy Birthday, Malcolm! Wishing you many happy returns  : ) Please make the most of your opportunity to make this country wonderful. Don’t forget that charity begins at home; please don’t cut Australian aid. Remember we are also citizens of the world. Best wishes always, Bronwyn.

Congratulations, Malcolm. Have a happy day. Please don’t forget our responsibility to help those people who are born in countries less fortunate than Australia; those who are born into poverty and misery. Australia can afford to be generous.  Maureen

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Dear Mr Turnbull, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being our Prime Minister and giving up your time to serve our country. I would urge you to be a leader to those in need overseas and at home, with compassion. More and more I see a wall being built up around our great nation. Let’s lead the world in bringing millions out of poverty!! Hope you have a great birthday with your loved ones. Kind Regards,  John.

Dear Prime Minister, I really hope you had a nice birthday on the weekend. (If the Wallabies beat Argentina it will be an even better one…) We certainly live in a lucky country compared with most people in the world. I’m also hoping that as the new leader of Australia you will commit more money to helping end extreme poverty in the world so that the 17 Global Goals may be realised. What a birthday present that would be! Kind regards, Louise.

Dear Prime Minister, Many happy returns, and may you live to a happy old age! I would love everyone in the world to enjoy the same chance, and hope you will increase Australian aid so that we can eradicate polio, and fully resource the Global Fund to end the epidemics of HIV, malaria and TB. Regards, Jeremy.

Dear Prime Minister, Wishing you a very happy birthday. Please extend our nation’s generosity to the people who need it the most. It would be a lovely birthday gesture to increase our foreign aid from 0.22% of our national income.  Aid can be a gift that keeps on giving! Kind regards, Emma

Enjoy your slice of cake and please add your weight to the message that we wish at least slices of happiness to many of those people who rely on our kindness to give them a step up. Maureen

Happy Birthday Mal! Why not give a gift to the world – and reinstate our Australian Aid budget? Jessica

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Happy Birthday Malcolm! Australian Aid could drop to the lowest level of investment ever on your watch! That’s not very smart is it? Come on show that you’ve got what it takes to be a great leader for Australia, our region and the world. I believe in you! Adam

Happy Birthday Prime Minister. World leaders have just agreed 17 Global Goals that will virtually end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change in the next 15 years. There’s loads to do – from investing in life-saving vaccines, to boosting funds for agriculture and making sure no one goes to bed hungry. Prime Minister,  as a birthday gift, please don’t cut Australian aid. Charlie

Happy Birthday Prime Minister, and congratulations on your recent take-over of the Coalition government! I hope in the excitement and energy of the new challenges that you will envision a new active role for Australia in the fight to end global poverty. Joseph

Hey Malcolm, I know you are a good man and a smart man. You know that Australian aid can make a real difference to the lives of millions in the long term. Please cut a bigger slice of the budget cake for those who need it most! Lisa

With the mid-year economic announcements coming up, now is your chance to stop upcoming cuts to the aid budget and make sure that Australian aid can continue to transform lives. As Nelson Mandela said: As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest. Hugo

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sent Malcolm a birthday card and message, we’ve delivered them all to him and will let you know if he responds.

There is still time to send him a message – tweet a birthday card to Malcolm now!

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