Global Activists


Global Activists

ONE Global Activists are a dedicated team of volunteers who electrify our campaigns across the world.

ONE has a network of dedicated Global Activists across Africa, North America, and Europe who tirelessly fight extreme poverty and preventable diseases. These passionate individuals serve as advocates for ONE within their communities and beyond. By investing a few hours each week, you can become part of this impactful programme and engage in a diverse range of creative and impactful actions to support our campaigns and advocacy efforts.

Global Activists in action

In 2022, ONE set an ambitious goal: supporting the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria to save 20 million lives between 2023 and 2025. Our Global Activists rallied behind this cause, undertaking various activities.

In Canada, Activists actively participated in festivals, actions, and stunts to raise awareness. Notably, they donned mosquito costumes to draw attention to the cause. Similarly, Activists in France participated in actions asking President Macron to pledge a 30% increase. In Brussels, Activists stormed the European Parliament, delivering messages to over 200 MEPs.

Activists in the Netherlands joined a stunt, engaged with parliamentarians and mobilized the public. In the United States, activists delivered handwritten letters to congressional offices nationwide and staged a striking stunt highlighting the mosquito as the world’s deadliest animal.

In Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Kenya, and Ethiopia, activists took part in digital actions and spoke at events, applying crucial pressure that contributed to the overall outcome. UK activists delivered a booklet showcasing the Global Fund, featuring personalized messages from constituents to all 650 MPs.

The outcome? The Activists’ efforts, alongside others, helped raise an impressive $15.7 billion to save lives affected by AIDS, TB, and Malaria in the next three years.

ONE Youth Ambassadors – part of ONE’s Global Activists programme

This year, ONE has more than 320 Youth Ambassadors in six European countries representing over 30 different nationalities.

Meet our Global Activists

Andrew, USA

I have always yearned to be a part of a global advocacy group that sees all people as equal. After meeting with the ONE team in Indianapolis, I was convinced that there’s no better place to join the fight than ONE. Walking on Capitol Hill to meet with Congress is one moment that I can never forget!

Hannah, Nigeria

Since joining in 2020 I aim to amplify my voice, hold my leaders accountable and influence policies by lobbying decision-makers who have the power to promote social justice and reduce inequalities. As a ONE activist, I’ve been able to channel my voice rightly by taking part in global campaigns, signing petitions and mobilising youths for grassroots advocacy in my community.

Rogers, Kenya

I became ONE Champion in 2020, since this was a good platform to advocate for meaningful youth engagement. As ONE Champion, I have engaged decision-makers, including National leaders, on matters affecting young people, such as unemployment, education, health, and leadership. ONE Champion is an excellent platform to ensure voices of young people are included in policy spaces.

Lilia, France

Having personally experienced injustice and having witnessed it too often pushed me to act for the preservation of human right. I continue to do so on a daily basis as a French Youth Ambassador for ONE. The concretisation of my ambition is rooted in my motivation to do my best to make the world a better place at my level.

Bruna, Belgium

I am a Youth Ambassador in Belgium. I was born in a country where poverty and inequality are always on the rise, and since I was a child I understood that people have different opportunities depending on where they live.The Youth Ambassadors Programme is a space where I engage with incredible people and learn how to turn ideas into actions.

Rob, Canada

Since 2018, it’s been one of most enriching and inspiring experiences of my life. ONE is driven by a fundamental commitment to justice and equity on a global scale. Our strengths-based engagements such as meeting with MPs, speaking at federal committees, consulting on education and training modules, and much more.

Samantha Singh Memorial Award

An award for young people aspiring to careers in development policy.

Samantha Singh was the Coordinator of ONE’s Policy Team. In July 2020, she passed away aged 26. In her memory ONE has established the Samantha Singh Memorial Award for young people aged 16 to 26 aspiring to careers in development policy.

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