The Issues

What We Do

The Issues

We live in an unjust world with too many people living in extreme poverty, and preventable diseases still killing millions every year. We’re seeing unequal access to quality education, good jobs and lifesaving medicines, and climate injustice with those who contributed least to the crisis paying the highest price.

ONE exists to create a more just and equal world. Medical advances, education, jobs with a livable income, and a safe home should be available to everyone wherever they are in the world. We know what needs to change: better laws, more strategic funding, and impactful global partnerships to tackle the world’s biggest problems. 

We pursue solutions to the underlying causes and consequences of injustice. This includes policies to reduce inequality and global poverty, improve economic and food security for all, and expand access to lifesaving medicines, high-quality education and decent jobs. 

We partner with organizations that implement proven solutions to these challenges. And we push governments and global bodies to include smart, targeted funding which improves people’s lives.

Everyone, everywhere has a right to a just and dignified life of opportunity. We tackle the issues that prevent that and push for the solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.