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Meet the women who have inspired you during COVID-19


Earlier this month, we celebrated International Women‘s Day, where we highlighted a few women from around the world who are tackling the pandemic and working to end COVID-19. From inventors to leaders of major world organizations, these women have made strides in the fight against the pandemic.

But we also want to hear from you, our global supporters. We asked you to tell us in a few words about the amazing women in your lives who have inspired you through difficult times and throughout COVID-19. From mothers and friends to teachers and nurses, almost 1,000 people across the globe shared messages to celebrate the women who have inspired them!

Here are a few of our favourites.

My mother! She worked with an NGO to provide mobile gadgets for children in remote areas to access learning materials during COVID-19. She also provided free extra lessons for those children.

– Theresa, Zimbabwe

My mom, as she has gone between home healthcare and being a certified nurse aid in a hospital since COVID started, and she has helped some people to truly rest in peace and comfort their bereaved spouses). She has also helped a myriad more other people in a variety of ways during 12-hour shifts.

– Megan, United States

My daughter. I respect how she manages her private life and her professional curriculum as a teacher in a Brussels primary school.

– Ria, Belgium

When I thought about which woman to recognize, I realized there are so many. Too many to name, but they are in my thoughts. Thank you to those who inspire their children and others, who help feed and clothe those less fortunate, who take time to show love to neighbours, friends, and others, and especially those who inspire a world filled with equality and consideration for one another.

– Merran, Canada

I want to thank my mother for the great things she has done for me. She stood up for me when things were not working. She’s the most important thing in my life. I love her so much!

– Konadu, Ghana

All women teachers setting the example for younger women. It is magic if they do it consciously.

– Ivette, Mexico

My sister. She is a nurse and looked after COVID patients during the pandemic.

– Gordon, United Kingdom

I don’t have a particular person, as I would like to thank all the women who have fought hard in any way to help others in need and who fight for the good of others. Thank you!

– Catrina, Australia

To all my family members and friends who are mothers who have been great role models for their children, showing them compassion and how to be a good person. We appreciate you and all of what you do for us.

– Kris, United Kingdom

My friend who was the anchor I needed on so many occasions before and during this pandemic. Her open heart and her willingness to listen, encourage, bless, and laugh with me (tears, too) has kept me, a single parent, sane in a hectic world of new beginnings! Thank you, Lorraine, Scott, and Ashley — you are all truly our blessing and family!

– Carol, United States

Our one dear friend who has provided loving, protective care to my wonderful, home-bound mother for nearly 10 years. During the pandemic, she advocated for actions of caring towards our at-risk community members (elderly, other vulnerable people) and she has made so many personal sacrifices to keep our family safe. We are eternally grateful for her!

–  Wendy, United States

My friend who is a health care worker who takes care of the old and infirm in their homes. She does this untiringly, with compassion, and optimism. She is a bright and competent light.

– Pat, Belgium

I would like to thank my nurse and health care workers and friends who were there for us all and still are.

– Patti, Canada

During the pandemic, I was lucky enough to become friends with the most incredible woman. She has become such a huge part of my life and has been there so much for me and our other friend through so much. Always there to raise you up when you need it, to advise and support, to remind you of your value, to make you laugh, to show that there is light when everything feels so dark, and most importantly, she allows us to always be our most authentic selves.

– Avril, Ireland

My daughter was giving online Spanish classes, free during lockdown, to entertain the children.

– Margarita Heredia, Spain

My wife, [a doctor who] inspires patients and others every day with her kindness.

– John, United States

Our friend coordinated and led weekly Zoom meetings to support, encourage, and offer counselling to a number of people (mostly women) that were feeling so much pressure working for the NHS during COVID.

– Nirm, United Kingdom

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