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Here’s how our activists fought to end HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria


The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria is a global player that helps fight these three preventable diseases.

This year, global leaders had the opportunity to reinvest in the Global Fund, and there was a huge amount at stake. In fact, the Global Fund could save 20 million lives by the year 2026 with its request for $18 billion. Watch our video below to find out just how big of an impact this is.

So, how much did global leaders commit this year? They committed a historic total of $14.25 billion to the Global Fund, with a few more countries yet to pledge. While this falls short of the $18 billion target, it‘s an impressive result and the most money ever raised for a multilateral health institution.

Our activists have been working hard all year to make this happen — from taking over the EU Parliament and Times Square, to meeting with important stakeholders and more. Here‘s a look back at how they secured this life-saving investment.

Our activists took action online

From sharing quizzes on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, to pushing petitions, our activists from around the world were able to promote the Global Fund and mobilize supporters far and wide! They were able to get over 55,000 signatures for our Global Fund petition and tweeted directly at country leaders to raise awareness.

They held a lobby day in London


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This summer, our GenerAction activists took to the streets of London to pledge their support to the Global Fund and the fight to end epidemics like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

They met with Melinda French Gates in Berlin


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In Berlin, our GenerAction activists also met with global activist Melinda French Gates and politician Bärbel Kofler to talk about the Global Fund and how we can end preventable diseases.

They projected a video on the streets of Paris

In France, our activists screened a short film on the streets of Paris to catch the attention of President Emmanuel Macron. The subject of the film? How the Global Fund can save millions of lives from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

They took over the EU Parliament

Our activists in Europe took over the European Parliament for two days to meet with MEPs to tell them about the Global Fund‘s important impact since its founding in 2002, and the importance of reinvesting in this global player at the replenishment this year.

They advocated at Bonnaroo


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Bonnaroo is an annual music festival that brings people from all walks of life together, and our activists capitalized on that moment. At this year‘s festival, our ONE activists in America set up a booth to inform festival-goers about the Global Fund and its impact!

They made a splash at the Capital Pride festival in Ottawa

Our activists in Canada took to the Capital Pride festival in Ottawa to raise awareness for the fight against AIDS/HIV and support for the global fund!

They made a buzz around the office of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

To get the attention of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, our activists in Germany made a buzz, literally. They stood outside of the chancellor‘s office with make-shift mosquitoes accompanied by buzzing sounds to draw attention to themselves and the Global Fund‘s work tackling malaria.

They closed out a summer festival in Belgium

Over the summer, our activists wrapped up the Solidarits Festival in Belgium by raising awareness for the Global Fund!

They invited the Canadian prime minister into the ring at the International AIDS Conference

During the International AIDS Conference in July, our activists in Canada worked to get the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by inviting him into the “ring” to help fight and end AIDS!

They also sent personalized postcards to Trudeau to push him to further the fight against HIV/AIDS.

They hosted a classic pub quiz

A pub quiz, but make it about the Global Fund. Our activists in Europe hosted a pub quiz with challenging questions about malaria, tuberculosis, and other preventable diseases to raise awareness and educate pub-goers in Brussels.

They took over summer festivals in France

If you were at Lollapalooza or the Solidays festival in France this summer, then you probably saw our activists in action! They opened booths at both festivals to advocate for the Global Fund.

They made a literal buzz in NYC

Nothing‘s more annoying than a mosquito‘s buzz. On the eve of the Global Fund replenishment conference, our activists traveled to New York to make a buzz in Times Square and beyond about the Global Fund and demand that global leaders commit to reinvesting in it.

They got a special surprise from key players


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Our activists’ efforts over these last few months didn‘t go unnoticed. As they prepared to continue their work during the conference, ONE co-founder Bono and Bill Gates surprised our activists in New York where they shared campaign stories and learned about the latest in malaria research.

Needless to say, our activists have been busy! But their work is far from over. Action and advocacy are the only way to finally end these preventable diseases once and for all. Whether it‘s through pub quizzes or online actions, every effort counts.

If you‘re ready to make the world a better place, find out how you can join our activists!

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