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Stories of solidarity, resources, and a message from ONE Italy during COVID-19


The current pandemic affects every person on the planet. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak, or which cultural background you come from: the virus does not know borders, nor social or racial distinctions. We are affected as one large community and we must face this challenge united, as one.

COVID-19 reminds us that we all deserve to be treated equally and that now more than ever we need solidarity, hope, and political will to ensure the well-being of all.

We can achieve this together. Even if at home and distant from one another, we have the power of taking action to ensure that access to healthcare systems and vaccinations are guaranteed. We call for world’s leaders to stand with us behind this call.

Stories of hope from our community

We asked ONE’s global community for their stories of hope and solidarity. Here are two from our community.

Working as a doctor is a huge privilege, which comes with equally significant responsibility, never more so at such times of adversity. Part of this responsibility, which we all share together, is guaranteeing universal health coverage — because health is a right not a privilege. Luckily, I go to work every day knowing that I will be able to help every patient, without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic, or social condition. This is how it should be everywhere in the world. Through my work, I am proud to be fighting health inequality. Let’s all stand together behind this fight.
— Anna Lisa Calì, doctor and ONE supporter from Italy

I recently joined ONE Activists to be able to do my part, however small, in the struggle for a better future for the whole world, especially for those whose voices are not listened to or cannot be transmitted. The circumstance that the world is facing in these weeks is a serious health crisis that affects everyone, not only certain countries and certain people, but all. And therefore we are all called to act as we can and as we are asked to do. Loneliness and fear of this moment can be overcome if it is understood that life finds its true fullness in giving oneself, in giving one’s time, skills, and voice to those who need us. Global health deserves this effort — we can face this together!
— Silvia Anna D’Andrea, Italian Youth Ambassador

How you can help locally

Croce Rossa italiana compiles volunteering opportunities to support local communities in facing this global health crisis.

We also recommend Covid19Italia.help, a nonprofit project, organized and directed entirely by volunteers. It shares useful and verified information on the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, as well as aggregating requests of help and listing offers of goods and services available. 

And Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS) is an organisation of volunteers across the different regions of Italy engaged in the provision of services and public assistance to transport of goods (food, medications, or other basic necessities) to elderly people, those who have been ordered to quarantine, and vulnerable individuals at risk of movement. The organisation is looking for volunteers to better operate across the national territory. 

Resources and recommended reading

Here’s some reading that may be helpful:

We’ve also put together a list of resources for at-home activism — from ways to stay involved from home, to online activism classes and online museums.

You can also catch up on our latest blog coverage: Here’s why we need a global response to this global pandemic — and how we can achieve that. We’ve also gathered some key facts to know, and what we can learn from the pandemic. We’ve rounded up 5 major health organisations taking action globally against COVID-19.

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