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Could this be your lucky day? Try our virtual scratch card!


Have you got a spare 5 euro cent coin?  See what you could win with just that small amount of money – try our virtual lottery scratch card!


In the next few days, European countries will make a crucial decision on the 2016 EU budget, including how much is spent on life-saving aid for people living in extreme poverty.

Thanks to European development aid, 20 million children were immunised against measles and more than 74 million people were connected to safe drinking water in the last 10 years.

But next year’s European aid budget is under attack. Some countries want to cut it, even though it would cost only 5 euro cents a day per EU citizen.

EU Budget Fact Twitter-02

More than 30,000 ONE members have already signed our petition calling on European leaders to step in and make sure lifesaving aid is protected.

Our Youth Ambassadors in Belgium have been visiting famous landmarks in every one of the 28 EU member states (without leaving Brussels!) and tweeting their message to the leaders of those countries.  Read more in this blog.

Campaigning in mini-London

ONE Youth Ambassadors send a message to UK leaders at Mini Europe in Brussels. Photo: ONE

AND, we’ve been delivering our lottery scratch cards directly to European Finance Ministers, while ONE members have been emailing them in their thousands, urging them to protect the aid budget.

It’s now or never to make sure aid is protected. Join the campaign and tell European leaders that saving lives shouldn’t be a lottery. 

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