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21 ways to Just Say Yes!


Isn’t it annoying when politicians dodge your questions? We think so!

That’s why we we launched our Just Say Yes campaign this week, asking Parliamentary candidates to sign a pledge committing them to a) keeping the UK’s promises to the world’s poorest, b) ensuring that most of our aid goes to those countries that have the least, and c) putting girls and women at the heart of development.

To help politicians get to the point, we have found 21 ways to Just Say Yes!

1. A verbal yes, in any language! Both clear and succinct.

2. The universally known thumbs up.

3. Just don’t say no.

4. Great British Bake ‘YES’ off.

5. Who said saying yes couldn’t be fashionable?

6. Lifting your fist up and down is yes in sign language.

7. Just type YES.

8. How about the superman approach?

9. Eat politics. Drink politics. Say yes.

10. OK will do.

11. Foam letters are NOT just for kids.

12. Can’t is not a word in our vocabulary.

13. Nothing says commitment more than a permanent tattoo.

14. We would never condone vandalism but if your graffiti is saying yes to ending extreme poverty that’s OK, right?

15. Just wear YES!

16. Do you still have that typewriter?

17. Light YES up.

18. Write it in a book for the whole world to read.

19. Sweet tooth?

20. Everyone owns Scrabble, surely.

21. Aim high, say yes in the sky.

Whatever you do, just remember to always..

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