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16 reasons to date an activist


We’re going to level with you, dating an activist can be hard. We have high standards and expect a lot from people, we can be pedants when it comes to recycling and if someone calls Africa a country we are going to KICK OFF. But behind all of the marching and campaigning and ranting, there are some really good reasons to love us…

1. Unlike Homer Simpson, they care about what you have to say. Like, really care.

2. They are *very* adventurous. Holidays will never be the same again. Paris? Perrrlease. New York? No way. Think Watamu Coast or the Togean Islands. Unless we can do a Bilbo, we probably won’t want to go!

3. They are optimists. Enthusiasm may or may not be your thing, but once you’ve decided to take your first holiday together (to that extremely off-the-beaten-track destination) and you’ve missed your connecting flight, it’s good to have someone who can see the silver lining instead of doing this:

4. You will never get taken for a ride, unless you actually want to get somewhere. Having travelled extensively, most activists will be able to see a con coming a mile off.

5. On the subject of cons, they will be able to help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to changing up your money. No more kerazy interest rates and jaw dropping bank charges for you, just sweet sweet moolah…

6. More to this point. THEY ARE GREAT AT BARTERING. Never again will you pay 900 rupees for those questionably branded but much needed sunglasses.

7. Resourcefulness is in their blood. I know this sounds boring, but having to come up with life changing campaigns on shoestring budgets means that no matter where you are in the world and no matter what your financial situation looks like, they will somehow manage to find you food, shelter and probably a bunch of new best friends.

8. If you want to get healthy, get with an activist. They will most likely have an endless supply of chia seed crackers and aubergine dip to keep you topped up through any major film session. Disclaimer – these are not for everyone.

9. They know good films. Interesting films. Documentaries that will make your head spin and turn your world upside-down. This is a good thing. It could be a great thing if you’re the kind of person who enjoys having their mind blown.

10. Even better than knowing these great films? They know great organisations where you can put your new found outrage/empathy at [insert subject here] to good use.

11. Your faith in western democracy will be restored once you understand that being able to vote in itself is amazing, but being able to vote for more than one party? Well. That’s just bliss.

12. They are internet gods! Take them to any airport/cafe/bar/hotel and they will know how to find the unlocked wifi. No more having to miss out on Buzzfeed’s latest musings on cats vs dogs (this one is *great*).

13. They will be able to keep you up to date on all the breaking news that’s happening! Never again will you have to fake nod through someone talking about a subject you have no idea about…

14. You won’t have to worry about what they look like when they’re not done up, because chances are, they looked their roughest when you first met them and they had just got back from some type of fieldwork in Nepal.

15. They will make you feel monumentally smug about what you’re earning in your entry level job compared to them. Trust us. It could be a LOT worse.

16. And finally, as consumerism is totally not their kind of thing, you are massively off the hook when it comes to buying expensive and extravagant birthday/Valentine’s/anniversary presents. If they kick up a fuss, you can calmly remind them the reason you have bought them something recycled is because of the carbon footprint making brand new clothes creates.

There are *obviously* way more than 16 reasons to date an activist, but trying to find the appropriate gifs to go with each of them was taking up too much ‘world changing’ time…

If there are some more reasons that you think just HAVE to be on here, then leave them in the comments section below and we can add them to our list!

If you want to connect with some of these amazing activists – who you should definitely date – then why not join ONE and get involved?!

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