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Think you know a lot about the world?

Are you the geography expert that you think you are? Think you can name all of the world’s capital cities? Or locate all of the greatest waterfalls? Take a quiz journey around the world and find out how much you know…

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Why are we focusing on these countries?

All of the correct answers are places that currently can’t afford to pay their debts and are struggling to deal with the economic consequences of COVID-19. While rich countries have spent trillions protecting their economies during the pandemic, the world’s most vulnerable countries are left behind.

African countries in particular are facing financing needs of $285 billion through 2025, just to respond to the pandemic. They need nearly twice as much to fund essential services like healthcare and education and to get back to their pre-pandemic growth paths. While $285 billion may seem like a lot, it is just a small percentage of what rich countries have spent to protect themselves from the pandemic in the past year.

What can be done?

Join our call for G20 leaders to support a global economic response plan, which leaves no person or country behind during this global crisis. We’re only going to beat this pandemic if we work together.

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