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These say everything about gender equality

Finalist: Mariola Stachnik

Finalist: Mariola Stachnik, Poland

Here at ONE we know that actions speak louder than words. Over 1 million people have taken action with us so far this year to tell world leaders that poverty is sexist and it’s time to put girls and women at the heart of the development agenda. When you invest in women and girls, they are able to pull themselves and their entire communities out of poverty.

We’re always on the lookout for awesome ways people are taking action around the world and, recently, UN Women joined with the European Commission, Belgian Development Cooperation and UNRIC to host a comic and cartoon competition. None of the submissions could use words and they all had to be based around one theme: gender equality. Awesome, right?!

They received submissions from all across Europe, ages 18-28 years and selected winners and finalists. We were SO excited about it, that we had to share them with you:

Emilio Moralez Ruiz, Spain

Occupation: Graphic designer

What gender equality means to Emilio: “Gender equality is an undeniable right. Gender inequality is thus a reality that we need to end immediately.”

About Emilio’s comic: “Gender equality is still visible today. Even the smallest acts are important steps for solving this global problem.”

David Ibanez Bordallo, Spain

Occupation: Freelance illustrator

What gender equality means to David: “Gender equality represents one of the biggest challenges of our times…I hope that with proper education, creativity and sense of responsibility future generations will be able to move more strongly in solving this and other problems that compromise sustainability and human happiness: I firmly believe in children’s superpowers to overcome barriers that currently seem almost impossible to overcome.”

About David’s cartoon: “Stop telling stories, you are superpowerful!”


Aleksi Siirtola, Finland

OccupationArtist and master’s student

What gender equality means to Aleksi: “I think gender equality is one of the most important goals for society to attain, and one that benefits us all.”

About Aleksi’s comic: “My picture depicts how women can work toward equality without compromising who they are. The goal of equality is universal.”


Agata Hop, Poland

Occupation: Student and artist

What gender equality means to Agata: “Gender equality means that men and women are able to achieve the same degree of success through an equal effort.”

About Agata’s comic: “The cartoon portrays today’s sad reality in an amusing way. While the man is riding an escalator to success, the woman has to climb the ladder carrying a lot of burden.”

Joanna Grochulska, Poland

Occupation: Runs Youth University of Arts

What gender equality means to Joanna: “Gender equality is something natural for me. Every single person, regardless of their sex, race, religion or economic situation, deserves to have equal opportunities and to be treated with dignity.”

About Joanna’s comic: “Women have a lot of strength. They can fix the world. And what is more important – they are already doing it!”

To see more entries, visit here.

You can stand with girls and women everywhere. Tell world leaders poverty is sexist and it’s time for action.