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Why you should shop (RED) this holiday season

One of the most fun and rewarding parts of the holiday season is giving gifts that bring joy to people around you. And with the 2019 (RED) SHOPATHON, your holiday shopping can become even more meaningful. It’s (RED)’s fifth annual holiday shopping extravaganza, with over 150 products that all fight AIDS with every purchase.

When you shop (RED), you’re helping to save lives. (RED)’s SHOPATHON campaign has generated over $140 million for the Global Fund since it launched in 2015, thanks to the many partners and collaborators who get behind this campaign.

Jennifer Lotito, (RED)’s Chief Operating Officer, has been part of every (RED) SHOPATHON to date. She’s an expert on why this campaign is such a big deal, so we asked her to explain exactly how it works, what to look out for, and how you can get involved. Here’s what she had to say:

1. How does buying (RED) products help contribute towards the fight to #endAIDS?

Every time a (RED) product is purchased, it triggers a contribution to the Global Fund to fight AIDS from one of our partners. If you’re given the choice between buying a normal iPhone and a (RED) iPhone, know that 100% of the proceeds from each (RED) iPhone purchased will go to support HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. You can save lives by making a simple purchase.

2. Can people of all budgets shop (RED) when searching for holiday gifts?

Definitely! This year, our partners have provided over 250 (RED) products available at every price point. You can buy everything from a Beats speaker and Durex condoms, to a Gita, a robot that follows you around and carries your things. Regardless of your budget or what you love, (RED) has your holiday shopping covered.

3. What are some of your favorite products this year? What do you think will be popular?

So hard to choose! There are so many new partners that have come on board for the holidays. There’s the new (DANNON)RED strawberry yogurt, (RED) select pieces from Rachael Ray’s cookware and kitchen range, limited-edition shoes and sandals from Stella Luna, Atelier Paulin gold bracelets, and a collapsible helmet and bottle that tracks your water intake from the French brand, Closca. The (RED) iPhone is always a huge hit. We love nothing more than seeing people, everywhere, with a (RED) iPhone in hand!

4. In recent years, there has been a movement toward more conscious shopping. What’s (RED)’s unique role in promoting conscious gift-giving?

(RED) was created in 2006 with a simple model—you buy a product, you save lives. For 13 years we’ve stayed true to that model and evolved it with how people choose to shop and give. It’s not just products anymore. People want to buy experiences and moments, and as a result, (RED) has been able to adapt our model to offer those, and more.

5. What have (RED) staffers been the most excited about in the history of SHOPATHON?

Every year there’s something new and exciting with this campaign. This year, we had our first-ever, live, truly shoppable show on Amazon Live. It was hosted by comedian and longtime (RED) Ambassador, Phoebe Robinson, alongside other (RED) celebrity ambassadors. We’ve also launched our first-time partnership with Cameo, a personalized shout-out app that’s become a huge hit. You can get a personalized video from some of your favorite celebrities—Billy Porter from “Pose,” Caitriona Balfe from “Outlander,” Bobby Berk from “Queer Eye” and La La Anthony from “Power” are just a few of the names who are participating on the platform and donating 100% of proceeds raised from their videos to the Global Fund.

6. How has SHOPATHON changed since it was first launched?

Since SHOPATHON launched in 2015, (RED) has been able to work with so many incredible partners to raise money and awareness for the Global Fund. We’ve been able to bring on new partners, integrate existing partners and work with new platforms like Cameo. We’re also so grateful to have Amazon on board as a partner for the third year in a row, as their platform is home to (RED)’s year-round storefront.

7. What is the most fun part about working on SHOPATHON every year?

The best part of SHOPATHON is, without a doubt, giving holiday shoppers the opportunity to save lives. Crossing everyone off your shopping list can be a drag, but (RED) makes it easy for people to join the fight, just by heading to Amazon.com/RED.

8. Where and how can people support SHOPATHON this year?

You can visit Amazon.com/RED to get started on your holiday shopping right now. And if you’re interested in hearing Billy Porter say your name or send your mom a message, check out Cameo.com/c/red to purchase a shout-out!

Are you ready to find the perfect gift and fight AIDS at the same time? Go to Amazon.com/RED and contribute to the Global Fund while you shop!

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