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6 stunning African Instagram accounts you need to be following


Photography has a new face in the modern world. With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram continues to change the way people take and share photos. It’s no surprise that novice and professional photographers alike flock to this social media platform.

Social media makes our world seem smaller and smaller. On Instagram, users can see images from anywhere. It also empowers people to capture their everyday lives on film, allowing them to challenge stereotypes, tell real stories, and change the way we see the world around us.

How can social media change the way the world sees Africa? Here’s 6 Instagram accounts answering that question:

1. Everyday Africa

You can find profiles from The Everyday Projects all over Instagram. Each of their accounts exists to challenge stereotypes and show multiple perspectives on different cultures. Their Everyday Africa profile empowers photographers across the continent to share their work – and the stories that come along.

Everyday Africa’s popularity has stretched its influence past the social media platform. Multiple magazines have featured their work and stories, and a full-length book has also been published by their founders and photographers.

2. Visiter L’Afrique

There are tons of travel Instagrams floating around. Visiter L’Afrique sets itself apart by showing Africa through the eyes of the people who live throughout the continent. The account’s ambassadors show the stunning landscapes, breathtaking cities, and tranquil seasides that are ignored all too often.

“I wanted to show Africa as it really is, far from stereotypes,” says Diane Audrey Ngako, founder of Visiter L’Afrique. “It is not to deny its problems, but rather to highlight its strengths and opportunities.”

3. lafrohemian

A post shared by Sarah Waiswa (@lafrohemien) on Jul 27, 2015 at 11:08pm PDT

Sarah Waiswa, a Ugandan-born Kenyan photographer, left the corporate world to pursue her passion — and she hasn’t looked back. Her captivating photos of everyday life explore what she calls the “New African Identity.”

Waiswa’s work explores social issues throughout the continent in unique and innovative ways. From the persecution of albino people to ballet dancers in Kibera and so much more, her images show dynamic issues that often go unseen.

4. africashowboy

Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve probably seen his work. Nana Kofi Acquah works for Getty Images, The Global Fund, Facebook, Hershey’s, and BBC, to name a few. His talents in journalism and advertising come together with the hope of sparking new conversations about Africa.

The topics of his work range greatly, with each one speaking to important issues. His medical portfolios cover diseases like leprosy, ebola, and fistula (you can see some of his photos on fistula in this blog). He’s also dedicated portfolios to showing gender inequality and promoting women’s empowerment.

5. A_taste_of_zimbabwe

Ivy Mango knows how to create a feast for the eyes. Growing up in the Mudzi District, she discovered her passion for cooking while exploring her garden and eating family meals cooked by her grandmother. Her childhood grew into a culinary career.

Her account features a spread of every Zimbabwean dish imaginable. These irresistibly colorful plates, and the recipes that go along with them, would satisfy any appetite!

6. sam.vox

A post shared by Sam Vox (@sam.vox) on Jul 17, 2018 at 10:47am PDT

Tanzanian photographer Sam Vox travels the nation documenting important issues. He’s worked with organizations like Water Aid, Everyday Education, and even did some incredible projects for ONE! In both his commissioned and personal work, he uses photography to tell captivating stories.

“My Instagram is a channel where I am able to share a small fraction of Tanzania’s heart and her people,” says Vox. “Ultimately my aim is to show the ordinary everyday life in an African country, by sharing stories of people, places and their different cultures and traditions.”

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