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5 podcast episodes every activist needs


Chances are, you know someone who’s obsessed with podcasts. You might even be that person. Podcasts have exploded into popularity in recent years. In fact, there’s over 500,000 on Apple Podcasts alone!

Whether you’re a long-time listener, or looking for a place to start, we’ve got a great list of podcast episodes for you. What makes it so great? Each one of these episodes covers an important issue, so you can learn something new while you listen!

Sooo Many White Guys
Phoebe, Javier Muñoz, and Gayle Smith Fight the Good Fight!

In case it wasn’t clear, we love Phoebe Robinson. The best-selling author, podcast queen, and ONE and (RED) ambassador uses her influence to talk about important issues, always mixing in a few laughs.

She began her podcast Sooo Many White Guys as a way to push back against the predominance of white men in comedy. Her podcast often features guests who are women and/or people of color talking about race, feminism, and social issues.

Her most recent episode features none other than our own CEO, Gayle Smith, and actor Javier Munoz, who’s also a (RED) ambassador! They discuss how Gayle and Javier got to where they are today, and give some important insights into the HIV/AIDS crisis.

African Tech RoundUp
Wajenzi’s Alain Nkurukiye on Galvanising Diasporans to Back Economic Growth in Africa

African Tech RoundUp covers everything digital, technological, and innovative coming out of Africa. This organization, based in Johannesburg, produces podcasts, op-eds, media projects, and more. Their podcasts dive deep into the growing tech scene with guests who are working in the industry.

This episode features guest Alain Nkurukiye, the founder of tech startup Wajenzi. When he worked in the Netherlands, he wanted to give back to his home in Burundi. Now, his mission is to give the African diaspora a way to invest in entrepreneurs in their home nations.

Sincerely, Hueman
2018 Year End Special (Part 2)

Sincerely, Hueman tells stories about everyday people who are changing communities. Each episode features leaders that spark social good through local and global movements. They share a diverse array of stories, showing that everyone has the ability to create positive change for people worldwide.

The second part of their 2018 end-of-year special features Ashaba Faridah. Ashaba, one of the few female pilots in Uganda, is the founder of Bambino Life Foundation. Her organization encourages girls to get an education, creates awareness for children living with disability, and donates needed items to orphanages.

The Guilty Feminist
Period Poverty with Gemma Cairney, Amika George, Grace Campbell

The Guilty Feminist is a comedy podcast that balances hilarious wit with smart discussion. Hosts Deborah Frances-White and Sofie Hagen invite guests to go in-depth on all things feminism.

This episode is about period poverty. Their guests are activists who tackle period taboos and work to make sanitary products accessible. The discussion highlights the global issue of period poverty and how we can stop it. Of course, some tongue-in-cheek comedy about menstruation is also in the mix.

Pod Save the World
The Worst Humanitarian Crisis since WWII

There’s tons of political podcasts out there, but few can break down big issues like Pod Save the World does. This foreign policy podcast makes global issues relatable and easy to understand. They also focus on how people can get involved.

This episode dives deep into the current refugee crisis, how it happened, and how it affects us all. The guest, David Miliband, highlights how the circumstances for displacement are often man-made. But, there is a silver lining – everyone, particularly young people, can help solve this crisis.

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