ONE applauds new women’s economic empowerment initiative

WASHINGTON — The ONE Campaign applauded a new effort, the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (WGDP) initiative, aimed at improving and strengthening economic outcomes for women living in developing countries. The initiative, which was led by Assistant to the President, Ivanka Trump, focuses on three key areas: workforce development, entrepreneurship and improving legal, social and cultural environments for women.

In response, Tom Hart, the North America executive director for The ONE Campaign, said:

“Over one billion women and girls don’t have access to a bank account, the loans required to grow their businesses, and the quality skills training and employment opportunities they need to be fully empowered. This new initiative is a positive, bipartisan step towards reducing some of the inequalities that far too many women and girls face everywhere, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We thank Assistant to the President, Ivanka Trump, for her leadership on this important issue and for her commitment to women’s economic empowerment in developing countries. ONE looks forward to seeing the next steps of this bipartisan plan, making sure it’s properly resourced into the future, and working to ensure that all women and girls have the resources and opportunities they need and deserve to thrive.”