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SFOPS bill a step back from global leadership

WASHINGTON –  The ONE Campaign released the following statement on the text of the House Subcommittee for State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs’ FY24 appropriations bill, which features dangerous and unspecified cuts to critical anti-poverty, global health, and development programs and initiatives, including the Millenium Challenge Corporation, the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA), the African Development Bank, and Power Africa, among other broad cuts to bilateral and multilateral assistance. 

“While this bill lacks many specifics, one thing is clear: it sends a message to the world that the US is taking a step back from global leadership and our global allies,” said Suzanne Granville, Executive Director, North America Advocacy at ONE. “While we appreciate the Committee’s work to protect funding for HIV/AIDS programming, decimating overall funding for foreign assistance in the face of a myriad of humanitarian and economic crises is short-sighted and a threat to our national security and economic interests. This is an irresponsible strategy and we urge Congress to correct its course.”