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ONE Statement on President Biden’s FY25 Budget Request 

WASHINGTON – The ONE Campaign released the following statement on President Biden’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2025, released this afternoon.

The President’s Fiscal Year 2025 request comes as Congress continues to settle the Fiscal Year 2024 process and resolve ongoing efforts on a not-yet-passed, but desperately needed supplemental. The new request is also subject to additional constraints laid out in the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) passed in June 2023. 

Suzanne Granville, North America Executive Director at The ONE Campaign: 

“We appreciate the White House’s maintenance of foreign assistance funding, especially considering the limited flexibility resulting from the FRA. 

“But the world is facing more threats than it has in modern history. Stable funding might keep us from sliding further backward but it will not generate the resources needed to alleviate suffering and secure meaningful progress. 

“This request should be considered the floor. We’ll keep working with the Administration and Congress to pass their FY24 foreign assistance bill and a supplemental that adequately funds humanitarian and development assistance, while also pushing for absolutely no less than the President’s FY25 request.”