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ONE Statement on FY24 Budget Agreement

WASHINGTON – The ONE Campaign released the following statement on the high-level funding agreement for FY24 reached by Congressional leaders over the weekend. 

Liz Leibowitz, Senior Director of Government Relations, The ONE Campaign: 

“This agreement is good news. We are relieved that Congress is starting the new year with a major step in the right direction to avoid shutdowns or draconian cuts. 

“But, with so much at stake globally, it is imperative that Congress provides no less than FY23 funding for US foreign assistance. International development and humanitarian programs are not just the best demonstration of our values, they create a safer and more stable world, which directly benefits the American people. We cannot risk losing the progress that American generosity has made possible. We urge Congress to preserve foreign aid resources and to pass an emergency supplemental that fully funds the development and humanitarian components of the request.”