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ONE statement on 1 million US COVID deaths

WASHINGTON– The ONE Campaign released the following statement marking one million U.S. COVID-19 deaths, less than two and a half years since the start of the pandemic. 

Tom Hart, President, ONE: 

“One million U.S. deaths is an unfathomable loss. This milestone is a painful reminder of loved ones taken, often alone, by a virus that, for months, seemed unstoppable. For those that remain, it calls attention to the stark and irreparable difference between our lives then and now. 

“Much will be said about the actions taken, or not taken, that brought us to this point. Already, world leaders are vowing to take the lessons we’ve learned from COVID and pivot to preparing for the pandemics of tomorrow. 

“This is wise. But, to be clear, the current pandemic is not over. Why, when we see how essential vaccines and therapeutics have been to saving lives, have we not done everything we can to ensure widespread global access?

“COVID clearly has no plans to go away on its own. Until we have a coordinated, global plan to ensure everyone, everywhere can access vaccines, tests and treatments, we cede control to the virus, allowing it to replicate feely and drive the global death count– now estimated at an appalling 15 million– ever higher. This requires strong global leadership. Congress can set an example by urgently approving $5 billion dollars in critically needed global COVID funding.”