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ONE reacts to the second global COVID summit 

WASHINGTON– The ONE Campaign released the following statement following the second global COVID summit, hosted by the US, Germany, Senegal, Indonesia, and Belize earlier today. The US and its co-hosts announced a collective $3.1 billion in funding to respond to COVID-19 and prepare for future pandemics. 

In addition to a $200 million pledge for prevention, the US committed to sharing key health technologies that will advance vaccine manufacturing, including the National Institute of Health’s stabilized spike protein that is used in many COVID-19 vaccines. 

Gayle Smith, CEO, ONE: 

“We are pleased that many continue to support the global COVID response and welcome new commitments from the US and others to expand access to vaccines and treatment and strengthen preparedness for future pandemics. 

“$3 billion in pledges is real progress but there is a difference between doing more and doing enough. The global response to the ongoing pandemic is still underfunded by billions.

“This summit succeeded in securing desperately needed commitments and bringing new participants to the table. But world leaders have yet to deliver the strategy and volume of resources we need to get across the finish line. 

“Leaders can still deliver a coordinated plan and the resources still required at the upcoming G7 summit in June. Congress must get the ball rolling by urgently providing $5 billion for the ongoing global fight against COVID.”