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ONE condemns White House’s ‘devastating’ development budget proposal

WASHINGTON — The Washington Post this afternoon reported that the White House’s first budget proposal, as provided to the State Department for comment on Monday, proposed a 61 percent cut to the economic and development assistance budgets, and a 36 percent cut to the humanitarian assistance budget.

In reaction, Tom Hart, ONE’s executive director for North America, said:

“A 61 percent cut to development assistance would be devastating to America’s life-saving programs overseas and squander decades of progress in the fight against extreme poverty. It would also make the United States and our allies fundamentally less safe.

“In the days since the White House revealed that it was targeting foreign assistance for dramatic cuts, we’ve seen strong condemnations from dozens of retired general and flag officers, and an array of leaders on Capitol Hill — Republicans and Democrats, representatives and senators, appropriators and authorizers. Senator Graham called it ‘dead on arrival’ because it would make the United States less safe. Even Leader McConnell said he didn’t think the President’s proposal could pass the Senate.

“Lawmakers from both parties are rallying against these proposed cuts, and ONE is going to have their backs. The ONE Campaign had 200 members on Capitol Hill this week urging their members of Congress to stand up to this proposal and protect the International Affairs budget, and will be visiting the state offices of every senator next week. Our 2.5 million American members are going to be vocal throughout the FY18 budget and appropriations cycle, and make sure that Congress protects the 150 account.”