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ONE Campaign responds to President Trump’s FY18 budget proposal

WASHINGTON — The following statement on President Trump’s full budget proposal for FY18 is from Tom Hart, North America executive director at The ONE Campaign:

“There is so much that is disturbing in this proposal that it’s difficult to know where to start.

“Funding for food for starving people is slated to be completely eliminated — a $1.7 billion cut; funding for development assistance worldwide would be cut by nearly half; funding for global health programs would be cut by 25 percent; and funding to fight HIV/AIDS would be cut by 10 percent — almost $1 billion.

“This budget doesn’t reflect American leadership or American values, and it flies in the face of our national security and economic interests. Coupled with these proposed cuts, we are alarmed by the rumored demotion of development as a strong and independent pillar of U.S. foreign policy — a position that development has enjoyed over multiple administrations.

“It is comforting that so many in Congress — including leaders from both parties— have said that Congress could not and would not pass this budget, but it remains a dangerous document. It slashes funding for the fights against poverty at home and extreme poverty overseas. Congress must stop it, and must protect the international affairs budget for FY18.”