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NEW ANALYSIS: More booster shots given in wealthy countries than 1st shots in low-income countries

WASHINGTON  As the G20 leaders prepare to meet in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic, new analysis released by the ONE Campaign today reveals the chief obstacles standing in the way of global efforts to end the pandemic. Key highlights include: 

  • Doses are still being hoarded by wealthy countries. Twice as many people in wealthier countries have received a booster shot (47 million) than people in low-income countries have had their first vaccine dose (19 million).

  • Doses pledged by wealthy countries are not being delivered at the speed and scale needed. G20 countries have committed to share at least 657 million doses by the end of 2021 but only 293 million have been delivered.
  • If the current trend continues, ONE warns that it could take over a decade before low-income countries can secure enough vaccines to put an end to this crisis.

Failure to put a stop to the uneven health and economic response will push this pandemic into an increasingly man-made crisis that could continue into the 2030s.

Tom Hart, acting CEO at the ONE Campaign, said

“We need to turn 18 months of slow progress into bold measures and fulfilled commitments. That means urgently getting doses in arms in low-income countries and freeing up all available financial resources for a sustainable economic recovery.

“The US is far and above the world leader in global vaccination efforts, and most recently, taking steps to ensure that the African Union is at the front of the line to purchase doses directly from manufacturers. These are significant steps that will save lives and help end the pandemic sooner. But, the reality is that wealthy countries as a whole aren’t meeting the challenge at hand. At our current pace, it could take over a decade until low-income countries reach the 70 percent vaccination target. We can’t end this pandemic anywhere if the vaccine isn’t everywhere. The world needs an escape plan, not just life preservers thrown out in the dark.”