Is the Red Ribbon fraying?

WASHINGTON– As President Biden prepares to host the Seventh Replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the ONE Campaign released new analysis showing what’s at stake if donors do not provide the resources needed to recover lost ground due to COVID-19 and other crises. 

To get efforts to end AIDS and other preventable diseases back on track, the Global Fund seeks at least $18 billion over the next three years. Falling short of this target would have serious consequences and reduce the number of people with access to AIDS treatments across the globe.  

  • ONE’s new analysis shows that every $1 billion under the target will result in up to 1.6 million fewer people accessing treatment for HIV over the next three years in countries where the Global Fund invests. 
  • Falling just $1 billion short could result in 25 million more new infections or cases across the three diseases in countries where the Global Fund invests over 2024-2026. 

Tom Hart, President, ONE, said: 

The past twenty years of success in the global fight to end AIDS are a testament to the power of global cooperation in pursuit of a common goal. But these gains, while unprecedented, are fragile. In just two years, two decades of progress against AIDS slammed on the brakes as COVID-19 and other global crises took center stage. We cannot allow this trend to continue. 

“The world is facing several competing challenges, and failure to address any of them could be devastating. We must not surrender the fights we’ve already started– especially when we have the tools and the resources to finish them. At the Global Fund Replenishment, world leaders can bring us closer to the day we end AIDS for good– but they must rise to meet the need of the moment.” 


In collaboration with its partners, over the last 20 years, The Global Fund has helped reduce AIDS-related deaths by 70 percent and new infections by 54 percent. Despite this tremendous success, every day, 4,000 people are infected with HIV.

Ahead of the replenishment, the US government indicated it will maintain its historic one-third contribution to the Global Fund. In his draft budget, President Biden proposed a $6 billion pledge over the next three fiscal years and committees in both the House of Representatives and the Senate included $2 billion in each draft Fiscal Year 2023 appropriations bills. 

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