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With exception of the US, ONE responds to underwhelming G7

 The ONE Campaign, the global anti-poverty and global health organization co-founded by Bono, released the following statement on this year’s underwhelming G7.

According to new analysis from The ONE Campaign, vaccine supply is expected to exceed demand in every G7 country by the end of the summer. As vaccinations continue to ramp up in the US and other wealthy nations, less than 1 percent of COVID-19 vaccine doses globally have been administered to people in low-income countries.

Tom Hart, Acting CEO, The ONE Campaign:

“In the face of a once in a generation pandemic that’s raging across the world, this G7 will collectively be remembered in just one word: underwhelming.

“While many G7 leaders offered powerful platitudes, with the exception of President Biden’s bold commitment on vaccines, the collective ambition and action from the G7 failed to meet the urgency of the moment. The result of this uninspiring Summit will be a prolonged pandemic that costs more lives and livelihoods, not only across the world but in the G7 countries themselves.”


According to new analysis, the G7 commitment to donate 1 billion vaccine doses to low and middle income countries will only provide enough doses to vaccinate 5.4% of the total population of these countries by the end of the year. By the next G7 summit only 10.3% of the population in low and middle income countries would be vaccinated by this deal.