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Cutting foreign aid for the sake of national security?

“If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition.” – General James Mattis [https://goo.gl/ARO7pd]

“Our security will be improved by sustaining foreign aid in the years ahead rather than by making further cuts.” – General David Petraeus [https://goo.gl/Hq1dda]

“I am concerned that levels of funding for our State Department and USAID partners will not sufficiently enable them to build on the hard-fought security achievements of our men and women in uniform. Inadequate resourcing of our civilian partners could, in fact, jeopardize accomplishment of the overall mission.” – General David Petraeus [https://goo.gl/V66alS]

“Development is a lot cheaper than sending soldiers.” – Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates [https://goo.gl/VBKsoV] 

“Development contributes to stability. It contributes to better governance. And if you are able to do those things and you’re able to do them in a focused and sustainable way, then it may be unnecessary for us to send soldiers.” – Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates [http://bit.ly/1Mz08vx] 

“Support for development is a vital component of America’s national security strategy.” – Former National Security Advisor and retired Marine Corps General James Jones [http://goo.gl/h5NbuW]

“A fully-integrated foreign policy requires a fully-resourced approach. Our troops, Foreign Service officers and development experts work side-by-side in unprecedented and ever-increasing cooperation as they execute our strategic programs.” – Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and retired Navy Admiral Michael Mullen [http://goo.gl/ZwiXPn]

“USAID’s efforts can do as much over the long term to prevent conflict as the deterrent effect of a carrier strike group or a marine expeditionary force.” – Former Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan Lieutenant General John Allen [https://goo.gl/0wYfnh]