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An Update on ONE

Washington, DC – Ahead of ONE’s 20th anniversary, ONE’s board has endorsed a new strategic operating plan that will ensure the organization is focused and fit for purpose in the next era of its fight to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. 

Last year, ONE, a non-partisan global organization, initiated a review to assess its impact and unique value. This process involved evaluating ONE’s biggest strengths and how it can more tightly focus resources on where they will have the greatest impact against its mission.  

Through this review, ONE identified several essential strategic shifts. Africa has always been at the heart of ONE’s mission, but ONE’s new strategic plan puts its work with African leaders and influencers in sharper focus. ONE will coalesce more firmly around the long-term shared goal of achieving more and better financing for Africa. ONE’s plan also calls for doubling down on organizational strengths, especially in policy and advocacy, and driving its resources to areas of greatest impact.  

Like other non-profits, ONE has experienced a challenging financial environment and more competitive fundraising landscape. As part of its strategy review, ONE evaluated its operational model and how it can be more successful in an era of rising costs and a lower overall budget. As a result, ONE is looking at taking some difficult but necessary steps to ensure it is the right size for its budget and is potentially reducing approximately 50 roles across the organization.  

John Spears, Interim President and COO of ONE, said:  

“ONE has grown into one of the most respected and effective advocacy organizations in the world. We are proud of the part we have played to convince governments to invest billions towards ending extreme poverty, AIDS, and other diseases. At the same time, the world has shifted dramatically since ONE was founded, and ONE needs to adapt to this changing political and campaigning environment.   

“With the support of our board, we are now taking concrete steps toward becoming a more agile organization better positioned to succeed in our ambitious mission. We are confident this is the right direction for ONE, but it comes with difficult changes. ONE is committed to fully supporting our colleagues during this time and continuing to pursue our critical advocacy work.”