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ONE Statement on US-Africa Leaders Summit

WASHINGTON– The ONE Campaign released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s announcement of new commitments during the US-Africa Leaders Summit.

Among them: A multi-country presidential visit to the continent in 2023, support for a permanent African Union seat at the G20, the establishment of the President’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement in the United States, and a new framework to promote food security and modernize agriculture across the continent – a critically important step towards achieving the continent’s potential and reducing the vulnerability of families and countries to global food price volatility and climate change.

Gayle Smith, CEO of the ONE Campaign, said:

This summit signals the possibility of a vibrant and more strategic relationship between the US and Africa. While realizing the full impact of the Administration’s commitments will provide the true measure of success, ONE is encouraged by and welcomes the Administration’s announcements. ONE believes African Union should have a seat at the G20, and President Biden’s commitment to AU representation is critical to securing support from other members of the G20. The world is facing multiple transnational challenges ranging from the pandemic and climate change to economic volatility and a looming debt crisis. African representation is key to ensuring that the global institutions tasked with designing solutions for these problems are invested in a more equitable and responsive approach.

ONE strongly supports the Administration’s commitment to a new partnership with Africa on food security and agriculture, and in particular welcomes the President’s pledge to work with the continent to address immediate food supply challenges while also marshaling the resources and contributions of US government agencies, foundations and the private sector to develop its agricultural sector, expand production, and foster sustained and inclusive economic growth. This is a long-term proposition, and one that will yield benefits for Africa, for the United States and the global economy. We look forward to learning of specific plans to achieve these goals.

The legacy of this summit will be determined not by the agreements announced this week – but by the concrete steps taken in the months and years to come to make good on these promises and build a strong and durable partnership for future challenges and opportunities. So from us, a shout out to the Biden Administration for these critical first steps and, as always, we’ll be watching, pressing for, and encouraging the bold actions required to make tangible progress on these critical priorities.