With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is planning their fancy dress, stocking up on sweets and of course - buying their pumpkins! But did you know that in Uganda, pumpkins are not only popular and prevalent, but are also sources of income for many?
By Kedar Mankad and Emily Huie A pivotal moment is set in the calendar in a few short weeks. In Addis Ababa on 13-16 July, leaders and Ministers from around the world will gather to discuss how to finance development, just before the new Global Goals – the sustainable development goals – are set to be launched in September. 2015 represents an opportunity for the world to end extreme poverty once and for all. The development of these new goals and...
Today is World Health Day and the theme for 2015 is Food Safety. Now, this may take you back to begrudgingly putting your hair up during food tech classes to avoid the stray-hair-in-your-pasta-drama, but food safety is actually about a LOT more than a strand of additional protein accidentally landing in your spag-bol!
Wherever we live in the world, our agriculture, food, family celebrations and our culture are what binds us to our countries. Within the African continent, there's a huge diversity of food culture. We asked our Africa team, who are made up of many African nationalities, to share their favourite foods.