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Documentaries on climate in Africa to watch ASAP


The climate crisis impacts everyone, everywhere. But the African continent is feeling its effects the most. It’s the most climate-vulnerable region, despite having contributed the least to historic carbon emissions. 

As the fight for climate justice continues, it’s important to share on-the-ground climate stories about the continent and the people who live there.

Here are a few documentaries to watch now to learn more about climate in Africa. 

“Thank You for the Rain” 

Thank You for the Rain” follows Kenyan farmer, Kisilu Musya. Co-created by Musya and Norwegian director Julia Dahr, the film documents his journey from being a farmer and father feeling the effects of climate change, to becoming an advocate and community leader for climate justice. The film not only follows Kisilu’s climate justice journey but sheds light on the personal stories of those feeling the impacts of the climate crisis the most. 

Join us in demanding climate justice! 

Use your voice now to demand a more just future. 

“The Great Green Wall”

Directed by Jared P. Scott, “The Great Green Wall” sheds light on the frontlines of the climate crisis through Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative. The initiative focuses on restoring land to fight “land degradation and restore plant life” across 11 countries in Africa. The film follows Inna Modja, a Malian musician, who is traveling across Africa to create an album inspired by the Green Wall. While following her journey, the documentary shows how this initiative will affect the ecosystem and livelihoods, and Africa’s role in global climate solutions. 

“Temperature Rising” 

This documentary focuses on the importance of climate activists and their role in achieving change. Directed by Jacqueline Van Meygaarden, Anita Khanna, and Rehad Desai, the film follows three activists from South Africa and Namibia who are fighting for climate justice within their communities. “Temperature Rising” showcases how critical the work of activists is in the fight for climate justice. 

“Nomads of Benin – Driven Away by Drought” 

“Nomads of Benin – Driven Away by Drought” follows the story of Boubé, who is a nomad part of the pastoralist Fulani tribe in Benin. Created by Félicien Assogba, a Beninese filmmaker, the film documents Boubé and the dry season on the land he and his people live on, which gets worse every year. “Nomads of Benin” showcases the real world impact of the climate crisis. 

“Between the Rains” 

Between the Rains” documents the Turkana-Ngaremara community in Northern Kenya. Co-directed by Moses Thuranira, a Kenyan filmmaker, and Andrew H. Brown, the film follows the story of a young man named Kolei, and how he grows and adapts to the “radically changing climate conditions in Northern Kenya.” The film follows Koeli’s journey to tell the story of how climate change is impacting people’s lives and livelihoods. 

“The Shore Break”

The Shore Break” tells the story of South Africa’s Wild Coast. Done by filmmaker Ryley Grunenwald, the film focuses specifically on a conflict between preserving the endangered environment that the Pondo people’s culture and livelihood depend on, a titanium mining proposal, and a proposal to build a highway across the land. The story follows both sides of this conflict from the perspective of two cousins: – Madiba, an entrepreneur, and Nonhle, an eco-tour guide. 

How you can help drive climate solutions

What all of these documentaries have in common is that they tell the story of how climate change is impacting people in Africa, the most climate vulnerable region in the world. But there is hope. Africa could become a driver to many of the world’s climate solutions. The continent is home to the world’s highest potential for renewable energy and abundant natural resources.

So join us in demanding climate justice — add your name to our petition.

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