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5 things you can do on World Malaria Day


Photo: Centres for Disease Control

Today is World Malaria Day and we’re asking ONE members to join the global movement to eradicate  it. This deadly but preventable disease, spread by mosquitoes, causes 660,000 deaths a year – 90% of them in Africa.

Thanks to political will and sustained investment, together the world has saved 1 million lives in just a decade. And 50 countries are on track to reduce malaria by 75% by 2015.

So how can you get involved? We’ve made it easy for you. Here’s some of our favorite World Malaria Day actions from our friends and partners. And you can do them all online!

1. Join our World Malaria Day Google+ Hangout
Join ONE and our friends at the Centers for Disease Control and Malaria No More UK for a Google+ Hangout to hear first hand from the people who dedicate their lives to fighting malaria around the world.  We promise there will be no jargon, no complicated science—just the truth about this incredible battle to save lives and how you can contribute to it.

2. Protect The Global Fund
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria works really hard to save lives around the world. But they need continued funding from world leaders to keep driving down these diseases. Take our one minute action and tell leaders to scale up their commitments.

3. Download South African superstar Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s new track
Recorded in support of United Against Malaria and The Princess of Africa Foundation, her performance of Hearts on Fire closed the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament earlier this year in Johannesburg. Warning – it’s catchy.

4. Fight back with facts
Impress your friends and family with facts about malaria. Did you know that 3.3 billion people – half the world’s population – is at risk of malaria?  We like the facts on Roll Back Malaria’s website.

5. Buy a United Against Malaria beaded bracelet
They look amazing, AND you’ll be helping the campaign to eradicate malaria. The sales of these bracelets benefit the South African beaders who make them too.

Malaria is an important issue for us here at ONE, and World Malaria Day is a great opportunity to share the work our partners are doing.

Help us to remind the world that malaria is preventable, treatable and although we’ve made real progress, there is still a long way to go.

No parent should lose their child to malaria – keep acting and keep sharing to keep the fight alive.

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