This is everything we wrote about the Global Fund in 2019

We knew that 2019 would be an important year in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. At the start of the year, we set out a goal to help the Global Fund raise US$14 billion in pledges to fight these deadly diseases. And we did it!

Global leaders and the private sector stepped up to pledge a record-breaking US$14 billion — the largest replenishment of a multilateral health organisation in history and the first time the Global Fund have met their replenishment goal. The new funding will help to save 16 million lives and move forward the fight to end the AIDS, TB and malaria epidemics by 2030.

Now that the hard work of raising US$14 billion in pledges is over, we’re taking you back through the year to give you a peek into exactly how we engaged and educated our membership, one blog at a time:

Early in the year, we shared the exciting news that we had a chance to help save 16 million lives.

Then, in February, we officially launched our campaign by breaking down everything you needed to know about the Global Fund.

We explored a key question: Why are women and young girls disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa?

Our Research Assistant, Katie Ryan, explained what HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria actually are.

We took a deep dive into how health workers are preventing the spread of TB in Ethiopia, how the Global Fund are tackling malaria from every angle and the three ways that they’re leading the fight to end AIDS around the world.

We highlighted two major medical breakthroughs. A malaria vaccine — which prevents 4 in 10 malaria cases — was rolled out in Malawi, Kenya and Ghana. And, a second unidentified patient was cured of HIV, giving hope to scientists and researchers around the world that a cure could be found one day.

Our volunteers took their demands for change straight to their government officials. Here’s a peek into how our Youth Ambassadors in Italy and the U.K. made sure their voices were heard.

When the U.K. made their pledge, we recapped the six things ONE members did to help make it happen.

Along the way we introduced you to Robinah, Celine and Sibule — powerful activists and mentors who are fighting to eliminate HIV stigma — as well as Rolake, who is waging a battle to get accessible treatment for everyone living with HIV in Nigeria.

Our sister organisation, (RED), hosted a screening of 5B — a documentary following nurses who worked in San Francisco General Hospital’s HIV/AIDS ward, the first of its kind in the United States. We shared four key takeaways from the documentary that are still relevant today.

We drafted the headlines we wished we were seeing in our morning newspapers, made the case for why global health is good for everyone and why you should care. We also proved that HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria aren’t diseases of the past…yet.

To spread our campaign even further, we built a quiz that finds your secret superhero identity, based on life-saving superheroes that represent the Global Fund’s incredible work. Later, we introduced you to the real-life superheroes taking action to end these diseases.

Finally, we took you back through 2019 to recount all of the incredible activism that happened across North America, Europe and Africa. We detailed exactly how each of our markets pledged, and Nigerian ONE Champion, Obinna, gave us a glimpse behind the scenes of his trip to Lyon, France for the Global Fund’s replenishment conference.

With the Global Fund’s replenishment goal achieved, we’re moving on with our mission to make sure everyone, everywhere has the opportunity to lead a healthy and productive life. Sign up to become a ONE Member today to take part in our next global campaign launching in January 2020!


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