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Vote Your Future 2023

In February 2023, millions of Nigerians, including many young first-time voters, actively participated in the presidential elections, just as they did four years ago.

A notable portion of these new voters found inspiration in ONE’s Vote Your Future campaign, which focused on enhancing young people’s understanding of the issues affecting Nigerians, emphasising the importance of their participation in the electoral process and ensuring their votes counted.

Throughout the campaign, we highlighted two critical issues that are extremely important to many Nigerians – job creation and health systems strengthening. Beyond raising awareness among millions of citizens and encouraging them to demand better from political parties and candidates, we also played a pivotal role in ensuring that leading candidates articulated their perspectives on these issues and outlined their proposed solutions to address them, should they be elected.

We engaged over 74,000 supporters in the course of the campaign. 9,900 Nigerians took digital actions, 5,600 signed the pledges on jobs and health systems strengthening, and we gained nearly 500 new vociferous and passionate supporters.

What we achieved

We successfully encouraged political parties and candidates to embrace issue-based campaign messaging, leading to the presentation of a range of innovative ideas centered around addressing the most pressing challenges facing the country. For example, we co-created a citizen-led health agenda and presented it to political parties for adoption. Most of the political parties adopted the provision of Universal Health Coverage to citizens in their manifestos.

What we did

  • Official Campaign Video: ONE partnered with Trace Naija to create an official VYF 2023 campaign video to prod Nigerians about two key issues; job creation and health systems strengthening and ensure their electoral decision was issue-based. The video aired on Trace TV for three months – January and March 2023.
  • Press Briefing for International Media: We hosted a press briefing for international journalists to share insights and help the international community understand the issues shaping the historic election. Journalists from the UK, France, Germany, the US, South Africa, Kenya, and other African countries attended the highly-engaging briefing. Watch the recording here.

Watch the official campaign video below:


Global Citizens: We partnered with Global Citizens to create a petition to mobilise young people in Nigeria and the diaspora to take a stand against electoral injustices and advocate for safeguarding citizens’ votes and rights during the 2023 elections. Read more about the partnership here

Newspread: We hosted a Twitter space in partnership with Newspread.ng (an online digital platform in Nigeria) for young voters to discuss candidates’ plans around key issues of health, jobs, education, and agriculture ahead of the general elections. Speakers were drawn from partner civil society organizations and the champions cohort. Listen to the recording here.

Media Statement, Opinion Articles, and Interviews: We issued an official VYF statement, published opinion articles, and granted interviews on key issues around the electin, generating over 60 media mentions


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