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Gavi Campaign 2014

In 2014, ONE launched a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of vaccinations and ensure world leaders invested in this crucial area.

Too many children still do not receive life-saving vaccination. Globally, 20 million children missed out on life-saving vaccines in 2018, including for measles, diphtheria, and tetanus. This resulted in 1.5 million child deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases in 2018.

That’s why ONE campaigns in support of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which was launched in 2000 to ensure more children can access vaccines. In 2015, Gavi faced a challenge: raising an additional $7.5 billion to ensure that it could immunise an additional 300 million children and save more than 5 million additional lives over the following five years.

Since its founding, Gavi has supported the immunisation of 700 million children and saved more than 10 million lives. Gavi works in more than 70 countries and provides support for 13 life-saving vaccines that fight many common and deadly infections, such as pneumonia, measles, yellow fever, polio, and cholera.

Vaccines are some of the lowest-cost, highest-impact ways to reduce preventable child deaths. Every US$1 investment in immunisation yields a return of US$54 in broader societal benefits. Gavi-supported vaccines have helped generate more than US$150 billion in economic benefits since 2000.

What we achieved

  • On 27th January 2015 governments and other donors met in Berlin to make new pledges to fund vaccines for the world’s poorest children. Thanks to the efforts of  ONE members, global leaders added an incredible $7.5 billion to Gavi’s life-saving work.
  • That was enough to save up to 6 million lives over the next 5 years.

What we did

  • An incredible 148,466 people signed our petition calling for world leaders to step up their support for Gavi and help give every child a healthy start in life. With a petition at that scale and so many people calling for action, our leaders had to listen.
  • ONE supporters tweeted, instagrammed, held meetings, made phone calls, shared their children’s drawings, and demonstrated on the streets – all to drive home the point to world leaders that #everyparent deserves the chance to give their child a healthy start in life.
  • We released Going for Goal: Immunisation and the Case for GAVI. The report urged the world to pay attention not only to the shots and saves on the football fields of Brazil during the 2014 World Cup, but in health clinics around the world where GAVI’s support for vaccines is saving millions of children from preventable diseases.



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