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4 things you can do to fight global poverty


In 2015, world leaders set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the UN‘s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to change the world for the better. The very first goal on that list: eradicating extreme poverty by 2030. Together, governments want to ensure that no one, regardless of where they are born, lives on less than $1.90 a day.

The good news is each and every one of us can contribute to making this goal a reality! And you don’t have to become Robin Hood to do it. With a few small steps, you can make the world a little bit better every day.

Here‘s how.

Help those in need

Taking the first step to fighting global poverty might be daunting at first, but a good place to start is by helping those most in need. And that may include people within your own community. Over 1 billion people worldwide live in “inadequate housing conditions,” and there has been a striking rise in homelessness in the last decade, according to UN-Habitat. The pandemic and its economic impacts have only made matters worse.

There are many ways to support both your local and the global homeless population: from monetary and clothing donations to volunteering and taking the time to understand their situation. Learn more about small things you can do that can make a difference. And if you want to get involved further, find out what facilities are near you that help the homeless population and how you can support them.

Shop Fair Trade

Have you ever thought about where your smartphone, your jeans, or your coffee was produced? Or about how the people who helped create that product are doing? Poor working conditions can lead to poverty, as employment doesn‘t guarantee a good quality workplace. In fact for people who are employed but still living in poverty, “it is likely that low earnings and more generally, inadequate working conditions, are to blame.” Fairer working conditions can prevent people from living in poverty. That‘s why Fair Trade production has become a model for helping end global poverty. The production of Fair Trade items demands “fair wages and treatment” for the people producing the goods.

The next time you‘re shopping for coffee, bananas, honey, or even certain teas, check the label to see if it‘s Fair Trade. Learn more about Fair Trade products.

Donate to your community

A small donation can go a long way, especially to those in need. And not every donation needs to be monetary — you can donate your time to helping others through volunteer work. You can donate clothing, food, and even gently used household items that you no longer need. When it comes to helping others, every donation, large or small, counts. Learn more about different ways to give back to your community.

Become a ONE supporter

ONE‘s mission is to end extreme poverty so everyone, everywhere can live a life of dignity and opportunity. ONE supporters use their voices to advocate for global justice, through petition signatures, learning more about crucial global issues, engaging with us on social media, and grabbing the attention of world leaders through stunts. So no matter what kind of ONE supporter you are, ONE has an opportunity for everyone to join the fight against extreme poverty.

Hopefully, you’ve found a few tips here to help your activism in the fight against extreme poverty. And don’t forget: Every step counts because we can only achieve this goal together!

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