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Small steps, big impact: Community-led solutions for climate change

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Climate change, a term you’ve likely heard often, paints a stark picture of our world. It’s not just about shifting temperatures; it’s about extreme heat waves, rising seas, devastating droughts, disappearing biodiversity, floods, fires, and unpredictable rainfall patterns.

The rapid warming we are currently witnessing, according to www.wwf.org.uk, cannot be attributed to the Earth’s 4.5 billion-year history of natural warming and cooling cycles. It’s us—the human factor—that’s driving this. Our love affair with fossil fuels, careless waste disposal, deforestation, and reckless land use is shaking our planet to its core.

The impacts are real. Across the world, people are already suffering. In my country Nigeria, food insecurity looms due to resource scarcity, drought, erratic rains, and land degradation.

While we face these challenges, many still look to the government or Non-Governmental Organizations for solutions. But here’s the truth: Climate change is a product of our actions, and it’s on all of us to act.

I recently took part in an inspiring activity with the ONE Campaign—brainstorming the best use of climate funds with some friends and colleagues. It made me realise that we all have a role to play in climate mitigation.

Since human actions drive climate change, we must start by changing our behaviours. Ready to join the climate change revolution? Here are the steps you can take:

Emmanuella lends a hand with recycling
  1. Stop cutting down trees: plant more.
  2. Stop bush burning because it depletes the ozone layer and increases sun rays on our skin
  3. Unplug devices you are no longer using; you can also try compact fluorescent light bulbs which are more environmentally friendly
  4. Organise or join monthly cleanup campaigns within your community to reduce indiscriminate waste disposal and contract the services of a private waste manager
  5. Reduce food wastage
  6. Use clean energy for cooking
  7. Shop in bulk to reduce plastic packaging
  8. Practice recycling/reuse
  9. Sign petitions like this one from Climate Activist Adenike, demanding justice for countries facing the worst effects of climate change.

These actions may seem like drops in the ocean, but collectively, they create ripples of change. They can spark broader conversations on climate financing, equitable policies, and climate justice. 

Remember, we’ve got just one planet. Let’s save it, one step at a time.

Sign our climate justice petition now.