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ONE Africa Award: Who are the finalists?


The ONE Africa Award celebrates African efforts aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the world’s blueprint for a better future.

As the voting for this year’s award commences, we’re looking at the top four finalists who have made it to the final round! 

The Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC)

Established in Nigeria in 2003, this NGO aims to increase citizen participation in governance processes with a focus on improving the integrity of the public and private sectors. Read more about PPDC.

Agrisolve Ghana

Working primarily in Ghana, Agrisolve’s projects are aimed at smallholder women farmers in the northern parts of Ghana, where women farmers have opportunities to thrive towards prosperity and enabling these communities to have improved access to food. Read more about Agrisolve.

The African Institute For Development Policy (AFIDEP) 

Working in both Kenya and Malawi, AFIDEP is an African-led, regional nonprofit research policy institute. This finalist seeks to address gaps between research, policy, and practice in development efforts in Africa. Read more about AFIDE.

Msichana Initiative

The Msichana Initiative is a Tanzanian based NGO that advocates for girl’s empowerment, as well as policy and legal reforms. It works with both the government and grassroots communities to promote  quality education and provide girls with a safe environment to study. It aims to “inspire adolescent girls and female youth to shape their stories and determine their future; stand up for their rights and speak up; and advocate for change of the social, political, and economic systems, which impede access to their rights.”. Read more about the Msichana Initiative.

Read more about the finalists in the running for this year’s ONE Africa Award and cast your vote now!