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Here’s why we brought 19 ONE Campus Leaders to Washington, DC


Written by Gordon Wong, ONE Campus

By now you know that #PovertyIsSexist and that in order to make the world more fair and just, a quality education for every girl is a step in the right direction.

For the last year and a half, ONE has put girls’ education front and centre with our #GirlsCount campaign. ONE members, thought leaders and influential figures from around the world picked a number and counted to raise awareness about the 130+ million girls who are currently out of school.

To spread the message that all #GirlsCount to an even wider audience, we partnered with Fossil who created a cool #GirlsCount tote bag that directly supports ONE’s ongoing efforts to improve girls’ education in the world’s poorest countries!

We brought 19 ONE Campus leaders to Washington, DC for the 2018 Leadership Summit in mid-July. They went sight-seeing around the city and held an incredible 54 (!!!) lobby meetings to discuss the importance of passing the BUILD Act. Also along for the ride? A few #GirlsCount tote bags, of course!

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To cap off the summit, we presented a few of our top volunteers with a #GirlsCount tote bag to applaud their tenacity and dedication to the mission!

What inspired you to join ONE Campus?
Grace: My friend Ellie inspired me to join ONE. It was cool seeing her so involved in her community as well as start something on her campus that was so impactful. I really appreciate the work that ONE does and the civic involvement that it cultivates in students.
Sydney: Because of the saying “Where you live shouldn’t determine if you live”. I love that ONE is fighting to make sure no matter where someone is born, they have the opportunity to live and thrive without having to face extreme poverty or preventable diseases.

In your own words, why do you think #GirlsCount?
Grace: As a girl living in the United States I’ve been given the position to advocate for girls that don’t have the same opportunities as I do. #GirlsCount means that all girls count no matter where they are in the world.
Sydney: Because we can contribute unique ideas and opinions that can help make this world a better place.

What has been your most memorable experience with ONE so far?
Grace: So far, it’s been the summit in DC, visiting the ONE office, and meeting some of the ONE staff members.
Sydney: The leadership summit as a whole, but particularly my first lobby day on Capitol Hill.

What was the highlight of the ONE Campus Summer Summit?
Grace: Visiting the ONE office and the ONE staff members and getting to hear about all the exciting work that they get to do for the ONE Campaign.
Sydney: Getting to meet Senator Bob Corker and his staff that actually helped write the BUILD act. That meeting was different from all the others I had because it felt like a behind the scenes look at how DC really works. I barely even talked in the meeting, but it was such a privilege getting to sit in and listen.

Whatever your use of this multi-functional tote bag is up to you. ONE Campus Leaders choose to use it for their advocacy, hopefully, you will too!

Want a chance to own one of these #GirlsCount totes too? Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win one!

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