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GenerAction: Stories of Change


Around the world, we‘re seeing people fighting back and taking the future into their own hands. Those who are delivering vital services and pressing for a change in their local communities and countries. Those who are ready to demand action and rebuild our world for the better, for everyone. They are GenerAction. Are you ready to get to know some of them?

Eseosa, Nigeria

A pharmacy student and health activist that believes in the power of youth-led initiatives, Eseosa launched CHRONmate in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its mission? To simplify the treatment and care of chronic, non-communicable diseases, like diabetes and cancer, in lower-income countries. She also hosts the podcast “Healthy Waves with Eseosa” to discuss health issues and promote healthy living.

Jacopo, Italy

Passionate about environmental policies, Jacopo channels this into his work as City Councillor of Pontassieve and Policy Advisor for the Italian Climate Network. In his role as Campaigns and Advocacy Advisor at Rondine Cittadella della Pace, he empowers youth from conflict-ridden countries through training to engage civil society and become local actors of change.

Amy, Nigeria

Amy’s passion for justice is fueled by her community‘s first-hand experience with Boko Haram. It has led to her focus on gender equality and poverty, inspiring her to work directly with communities to ensure sustainable solutions. Her leading role in Nuru Nigeria helps farmers in the conflict-affected north east to recover from the aftershocks of the pandemic and build thriving farmer-led cooperatives.


Rachel, United Kingdom

Fighting injustice in her community through art, Rachel runs the Glasgow South Anti-Racism Art Project, securing funding for striking city murals supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Leading by example, her passion is contagious, rallying her own community and local businesses to get involved by hosting displays.

Elise, France

Currently studying in South Africa, Elise volunteers for the local Caritas branch on issues related to access to health care, gender equality and youth unemployment. Earlier on during her studies, she was the President of the student organisation, Sciences Po Refugee Help in Nancy, facilitating integration through the provision of French courses.

Abideen, Nigeria

At the peak of the pandemic, Abideen co-created the KnowCovid19 initiative, reaching over 20 million Nigerians to address fake news, create youth mental health platforms and provide training in digital skills. His interest in youth entrepreneurship led him to create a virtual training platform, “Get Digitised”, which trained over 5 000 young people, and an innovation hub, “dHub Innovation Centre”.

Ali, Germany

A well-known German social activist, Ali is passionate about the peaceful coexistence of people of different religions, nationalities, and interests. He founded the peace association Interkultureller Frieden e.V. and the “Hotline für besorgte Bürger” and has written two books on peaceful coexistence in multicultural settings.

Jassica, United Kingdom

A biomedical science student with a passion for women‘s health, Jassica works at Medical Herstory – a non-profit aiming to eliminate sexism and stigma from health experiences through storytelling, medical education and patient advocacy. She also volunteers in organisations focused on providing community-based mental health, HIV, and palliative care interventions across London and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Anish, United Kingdom

Using his skills in persuasion for good, Anish brings the global fight for vaccine equity and climate justice to his community in Aberdeen, Scotland. He lobbied politicians and also supported his local Indian community by disseminating crucial information. He has also highlighted the importance of youth activism at COP26 through panel discussions with Interfaith Scotland, the New York Times Climate Hub and BBC‘s Sunday Show.

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